Nathaniel Stinchcomb Jr.1

#4477, (circa 1671 - before May 1710)
Relationship6th great-grandfather of Nelle Belle Bridges
Father*Nathaniel Stinchcomb2 (c 1635 - b 1673)
Mother*Tomasine _____3 (s 1644 - 1673)


Hannah Randall b. c 1678
Children 1.Mary Stinchcomb+1 (s 1698 - )
 2.John Stinchcomb+6 (c 1700 - 1779)
 3.Helen Stinchcomb+6 (c 1702 - a 1784)
 4.Nathaniel Stinchcomb Jr+6 (c 1704 - b 1748)
 5.Hannah Stinchcomb6 (c 1706 - )
 6.Anna Stinchcomb6 (c 1706 - )
 7.Rebecca Stinchcomb6 (c 1708 - )
"The Stinchcomb Family has been the subject of unpublished research by the late Donnell M. Owings, and the subject of an article in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 28:8-13. There are discrepancies in the two accounts and so the compiler of this work has included only data he has verified from primary sources."4 
Birth*circa 1671He was born circa 1671 at Anne Arundel Co., MarylandG.4 
18 August 1673In Tomasine _____'s will dated 18 August 1673, Nathaniel Stinchcomb Jr. was named as an heir.5 
before 1695He removed before 1695 Baltimore County.4 
Marriage*between 1695 and 1697He married Hannah Randall, daughter of Christopher Randall and Johanna _____, between 1695 and 1697 at Baltimore, Maryland.1 
Death*before May 1710He died before May 1710 at Baltimore Co., MarylandG.6 
Probate*13 June 1710His estate was probated on 13 June 1710 at Baltimore Co., MarylandG; estate inventoried (died intestate.)6 
Probate2 March 1712/13His estate was probated on 2 March 1712/13 at Baltimore Co., MarylandG; estate administered.4 
ChartsAncestors of Nelle Belle Bridges


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    Imp. All lands to sons Nathaniel and John Stinchcomb, not before they are at age twenty-one.
    Item. All goods and chattells to be divided equally between two sons.
    Item. Wearing apparel divided between Blanch Burkley and Susannah Neale.
    Item. If sons should d. "before they are of perfect age" then one-third of the estate to 1.John Stinchcomb, bro. of deceased; 2. the children of Rebecca Hancocke; 3. "my mother Joane Mastey."
    But if all above mentioned are deceased, the "Executor and his heirs shall be possessed with the whole estate."
    Appoints as Executor Thomas Turner of Ann Arundell County, to "have the tuition and bringing up of my Dear Children."
    Appoints as Overseers Richard Moss and Thomas Houseward/Homeward.
    Gives a cow calfe, in Spring, to every servant.
    18 August 1673, [Sealed] TS. Witnesses John Peisley and Miles Gibson.
    Probate: commission issued 24 Sep 1673 to Mr. Tho. Marsh, followed by Ro. Burke, oathes by Miles Gibson on 26 Nov 1673 and by John Peisley on 5 Dec 1673.
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