James Murray1

#4526, (say 1660 - circa June 1704)


Jemima Morgan b. s 1662
Children 1.Zipporah Murray+8 (s 1685 - )
 2.Josephus Murray8 (c 1687 - )
 3.Morgan Murray8 (s 1689 - )
 4.Melchizedek Murray8 (s 1693 - )
 5.Jemima Murray8 (s 1695 - )
 6.Jabez Murray8 (s 1697 - )
 7.Kezia Murray8 (s 1699 - )
He was a member of West River Meeting (Quakers.)2 
Birth*say 1660He was born say 1660.3 
Marriage*say 1683He married Jemima Morgan, daughter of Thomas Morgan, say 1683.1,4 
9 May 1704He left a will on 9 May 1704 at Patapsco River, Baltimore Co., MarylandG.5,6 
Death*circa June 1704He died circa June 1704 at Baltimore Co., MarylandG.7 
Probate*17 July 1704His estate was probated on 17 July 1704 at Baltimore Co., MarylandG.5 


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    To eld. son Josephas as 21 yrs. of age and hrs., 400 A., viz., the land at Garrison and “The Addition.”
    “ son Morgan at 21 yrs. of age and hrs., 300 A., part of “Morgan’s Delight” on e. side Jones’ Falls.
    To son Jabus at 21 yrs. of age and hrs., afsd. tract in event of death of his brother Morgan without issue; 200 A., part of “Morgan’s Delight,” 100 A., “The Meckcleans Hopyard” bought of Hecter Machclane in lieu of 100 A.
    at Hunting Ridge; in event of his death without issue, to revert to brother Morgan afsd.; also 300 A., “Jalles Gilleard.’’
    “ son Melchisedeck, dwelling plantation, 350 A., “Duck Cove”; also land bequeathed to son Josephas afsd. in event of his death without issue.
    “ wife Jemima, extx., dower rights. Residue of personal estate to be divided among child, afsd. as they come to majority.
    Trustees: Rich’d and Thos. Cromwell. In event of their death during minority of child., West River Meeting (Quakers) to become trustee.
    Test: Geo. Thorpe, Edward Clarke.
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