Gerrit Van Wagenen1

#5363, (2 September 1648 - 9 March 1723)
Relationship7th great-granduncle of Nelle Belle Bridges
Father*Aert Van Wagenen1 (c 1620 - b 1667)
Mother*Annetje Gerritse Van den Burg1 (s 1620 - b 1678)


Clara Pels
Children 1.Jacob Gerritse Van Wagenen6 (c 1686 - )
 2.Syman Van Wagenen7 (c 1689 - )
Gerrit Van Wagenen was also known as Aertsen.2 
Birth*2 September 1648He was born on 2 September 1648.1 
Baptism10 September 1651He was baptized on 10 September 1651 at Albany, New York.1 
Baptism14 September 1664He sponsored the baptism of Sara Du Bois on 14 September 1664 at Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New YorkG.3 
Marriage*say 1670He married Clara Pels, daughter of Evart Pels, say 1670.1 
24 April 1674He and Cornelius Fynhout were in Court on 24 April 1674 at Kingston, Ulster Co., New YorkG.4 
Probate1 April 1678He witnessed the settlement of the estate of Annetje Gerritse Van den Burg on 1 April 1678, first lot; (division and partitioning.)2 
Baptism22 September 1682He sponsored the baptism of Aard Masten on 22 September 1682 at Ulster Co., New YorkG.5 
Death*9 March 1723He died on 9 March 1723 at Ulster Co., New YorkG, at age 74.1 


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    (signed) Gerrit Aertsen.
    Jacobus Elmendorff.
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    Cornelis Masten.
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    Deft says that he can only get off his land through the aforesaid fence. He took out the rails, led the horses through, and again put in the rails.
    Jacob Jansen says having seen that Tierck Claesen's children broke the fence, drove the horses through, and also left the same open. Requests the nobody shall drive through the same.
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    Tierck Claesen requests that a central fence shall be made, and that each shall erect one half. The hon. court decides that everybody is at liberty to fence in his land as he pleases, but cannot force his neighbor to do his share of the same. In regard to a road of exit (uitweg) no neighbor can refuse the same to the other, but each one is master of his own land.
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