Jacobus Van Elmendorp1



Grietje Van Wagenen b. bt 1647 - 1649, d. 1723
Children 1.Conraedt Van Elmendorp+3 (c 1669 - )
 2.Geertie Elmendorf4 (c 1671 - )
 3.Anna Van Elmendorp4 (s 1674 - )
 4.Jacobus Van Elmendorp4 (c 1678 - )
 5.Foela Van Elmendorp4 (c 1684 - )
 6.Janneke Van Elmendorp4 (s 1686 - )
Jacobus Van Elmendorp was also known as Elmendorf. 
Marriage*circa January 1668He married Grietje Van Wagenen, daughter of Aert Van Wagenen and Annetje Gerritse Van den Burg, circa January 1668 at Kingston, Ulster Co., New YorkG.1 
Probate1 April 1678He witnessed the settlement of the estate of Annetje Gerritse Van den Burg on 1 April 1678, lot no. 2; (division and partitioning.)2 


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    Settlement; Date: 4 /1 /1678; Grantor: Gerritsen, Annetie (deceased); Grantee: Heirs of the estate of Annetie Gerritsen; Note: Agreement as to the division, partitioning and separation of the estate of Annetie Gerritsen.: Minutes: On the below mentioned date the heirs of the deceased Annetie Gerritsen, late widow of Aerdt Jacobsen have agreed in all good will and friendship in regard to their inheritance of the land, acknowledging the following division, partitioning and separation in regard to their inheritance and patrimonial estate, each for himself considering this as a binding contract, now and forever, irrevocably. Gerridt Aerdtsen, oldest son, has received for share the first lot already apportioned to him; of the same extent as its limits show. Jacobus Elmendorp the lot no 2, of about the same extent and also fenced in; Cornelis Fynhout no 3 also fenced in; Cornelis Maston no 4; Jacob Aertsen no 5, they being perfectly well satisfied with this partition of the land. Which partition and division has taken place in the presence of Capt Chambers, Jan Willemsen, Tierck Claesen who have also, in testimony of the truth, subscribed to the same, besides the principals, on April 1, 1678 at Kingston.
    (signed) Gerrit Aertsen.
    Jacobus Elmendorff.
    Cornelis Fynhout X (mark) his mark.
    Cornelis Masten.
    Jacop Aertsen.
    (signed) Thomas Chambers.
    Jan Willemsen
    Tierck Claszen
    To which testifies (signed) Wm LaMontagne, Secretary."
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