Thomas Chandler1

#5478, (before 9 August 1628 - before February 1702/3)
Relationship7th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*William Chandler2 (b 1595 - 1641/42)
Mother*Annis Bayford2 (1603 - 1683)


Hannah Brewer b. c 1630, d. 1717
Children 1.Thomas1 Chandler1 (1652 - 1659)
 2.John Chandler+1 (1655 - 1721)
 3.Hannah Chandler+10 (1657 - )
 4.William Chandler+10 (1659 - )
 5.Sarah Chandler+10 (1661 - 1757)
 6.Thomas Chandler Jr+11 (1664 - 1737)
 7.Henry Chandler+10 (1667 - 1737)
 8.Joseph Chandler+10 (1669 - )
George Chandler, Chandler Family:
Thomas...was one of the proprietors and early pioneers in the settlement of Andover. His name is "23rd of householders in order as they came to Town."
He was employed with George Abbot, Sen., and others, to lay out lands granted individuals by General Court. "It is ordered, that Tlioinas Chandler be leften'nt in ye Hoot Company in Andover, John Stephens, Ensign, under the command of Dudley Bradstreet, Capt."
He was a representative to the General Court in 1678 and 9, from Andover.
He was probably buried in the graveyard at N. Andover, as "he died 15 day, 1703," and Rev. S. Phillips of the then South Parish (now Andover) said, "Mr. Robert Russell died in Decemb. A. D. 1710 and his Body was ye first that was laid in our Burying-place."
Said Sarah Loring Bailey, historian of Andover, "T. C. was a blacksmith, ultimately a rich man, carrying on a considerable iron works."1
He was a blacksmith at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.3 
Birth*before 9 August 1628He was born before 9 August 1628 at EnglandG.4,5,1 
Baptism9 August 1628He was baptized on 9 August 1628.4 
1637He accompanied William Chandler and Annis Bayford in 1637 from England to Roxbury, Massachusetts Bay Colony.6,2 
Marriage*circa 1651He married Hannah Brewer circa 1651 at Andover, Essex Co., MassachusettsG.1 
June 1661He was chosen sergeant by the military company of Andover, and was confirmed by the court in June 1661 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.7 
1673He lived in 1673 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG; Chandler-Bigsby-Abbot House 1670 | One of the ancient homesteads of the Chandlers is located at 88 Lowell Street in the West Parish (Andover, Mass). The house was built before 1673 by Captain Thomas Chandler. His daughter Hannah and her husband Captain Daniel Bigsby continued to occupy the house after the death of Hannah’s parents. Private Home. No Public Entry. 88 Lowell Street Andover, MA 01810 Significance: Five-bay, 2 1/2 story farmhouse with central chimney and hip roof. Believed to be the oldest house in Andover. Interior features gunstock corner posts and wide horizontal wainscoting. Designations: National Register of Historic Places (1980) 
13 September 1700He left a will on 13 September 1700 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.8 
Death*before February 1702/3He died before February 1702/3 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.4,1 
Probate*8 February 1702/3His estate was probated on 8 February 1702/3 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.9 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    Hannah Chandler the wife of Willia (an unknown value), Chandler.
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