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Friederich Haffner b. 1760
Children 1.Michael Haffner1
 2.Elizabeth Haffner1
 3.Jacob Haffner1 (c 1792 - )
 4.Susanna Haffner+1 (c 1793 - )
 5.Lawrence Heffner+1 (c 1795 - 1860)
 6.John Haffner1 ( - 1835)
 7.George Heffner+1
Her married name was Haffner. 
Marriage*She married Friederich Haffner, son of Lorenz Haffner and Catharina Margretha _____


  1. [S1735] Frederick County Maryland Equity Court, Liber HS-1: 325-362, Estate of Frederick Heffner, Sale of Real Estate (March 1834), online msa.maryland.gov,
    Frederick Heffner, son of Lawrence, died intestate, leaving 7 children, viz.,
    - Jacob Heffner and wife Mary, res. Montgomery Co., Ohio
    - Susanna [Heffner] wife of William Clice/Klise, res. Miami Co., Ohio
    - Lawrence Heffner and wife Charlotte, res. Miami Co., Ohio
    - John Heffner, single (d. 10 Mar 1835), res. Hamilton Co., Ohio
    - Michael Heffner and wife, res. Frederick Co., MD
    - George Heffner and wife Nancy, res. Miami Co., Ohio
    - Elizabeth [Heffner] wife of George Heffner Sr., res. Montgomery Co., Ohio
    Land - "Resurvey on Havener's Fancy," 27 acres, from Catharine, widow of Michael Heffner, in 1819.
    - "Fancy," 17+ acres, from Peter Snook [and wife Juliann] in 1796, (to Snook from Charles Beatty (and wife Martha) of Montgomery County in 1783).
    - "Stull's Delight," 100 acres, from Peter Stull [and wife Elizabeth] to Lawrence Heffner in 1753.
    One tract is said to be 5 miles north of Frederick Town and lies on Big Tuscaroras Creek; another is on Muddy Run Branch.
      Administrator was Michael Heffner. Testimony heard from Joseph Hildebrand, age 68; said he has lived near Frederick Heffner for the past 50 years or more and Lawrence Heffner has been dead about 55 years or more and Frederick was his only son who has had the land ever since his father died.
      Trustee was W.H. Daingerfield; since all of the heirs except Elizabeth had already sold their interests to John Morgan for $1,200, private sale was made to John Morgan at $400, being better than could be achieved at a public auction. The 1/7 due to daughter Elizabeth and George Heffner was $184.13; Morgan received the other 6/7; finalized 5 May 1836.
      Transcriber's note: (missing page 326 online)
    Credit: Dorinda Davis Shepley
    http://msa.maryland.gov/msa/speccol/sc6000/sc6016/county/… . Hereinafter cited as Estate of Frederick Heffner (Real Estate).