Petrus Joire1

#6595, (say 1577 - )
Relationship9th great-grandfather of Nelle Belle Bridges


Jacoba Le Blan b. s 1579
Child 1.Magdaleine Joire+2 (c 1611 - )
Birth*say 1577He was born say 1577 at France (prob.)G; based on child's baptism date.1 
Marriage*say 1600He married Jacoba Le Blan say 1600.1 
ChartsAncestors of Nelle Belle Bridges


  1. [S680] Gary W Watson's Genealogy, online \\, citing New York Genealogical & Biographical Record Volume 122, April 1991, p. 85, "A Mademoiselle from Armentieres" by Gwenn F. Epperson: "Magdalena Joire was the daughter of Petrus Joire and Jacoba Le Blan or Le Blanc, and was baptized 27 October 1611, godparents Bartholomeus Le Blanc and Magdelena Gruson (Bap­tisms Roman Catholic Church of Armentieres, France, 1590-1621, transcribed and indexed, #3001, FHL 1,122,756). Petrus Joire was born circa 1575, his wife Jacoba Le Blanc was born circa 1579, and they were married circa 1600, all dates estimated from the birth of their first child in 1601....Petrus Joire had six children baptized in the Roman Catholic Church of Armentieres, but his wife Jacoba Le Blan is only mentioned in the first child's baptismal record. Shortly thereafter the priest eliminates the mothers' names completely. However, it is known Jacoba was alive until at least 26 August 1608 when she appears as a godmother at the baptism of Daniel Le Blan son of Joannis, in the same parish register as referenced above (FHL 1,122,756 #1912). There is a gap of eight years between the last two Joire children, suggesting the possible death of Jacoba and a remarriage. Since beginning this article the marriage of Matthew Blanchan and Magdalena Joire was found in the registers of the same church as above (Marriages Roman Catholic Church of Armentieres, 1630-1736, FHL 1,122,754). As this information has not been published to date, according to the author's knowledge, it is included here: 15 Oct 1633 Cont. Mat., Mattheus Blanchart et Mag la Joire test. Petrus Joire et Michaele de lestre. [Translation] 15 Oct. 1633 Contracted Marriage, Mattheus Blanchart and Magdalena Joire, witnesses Petrus Joire and Michaele de Lestre. Another interesting find was the baptismal record of an additional child of this couple in the same church (Baptisms Roman Catholic Church of Armentieres, 1640-1648, FHL 1,133,313), which reads: 14 August. 1642, baptizatus fuit Maximilianus Blanchart filius Mathei et Magdalenae Joire. Pubr Maximilanus Lalau et Joanna Cousmart. [Translation] 14 August 1642, was baptized Maximilianus Blanchart son of Matheus and Magdalena Joire. Godparents Maximilanus Lalau, and Joanna Cousmart.
    Magdalena, bap., 27 Oct. 1611, godparents: Bartholomeus Le Blanc, Magdalena Gruson."
    see exhibit. Hereinafter cited as Gary W Watson's Genealogy.
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