Martha Leonard1,2

#7044, (15 May 1649 - )
Relationship6th great-grandmother of William David Lewis
Father*John Leonard3,1 (c 1615 - 1676)
Mother*Sarah Heald3 (c 1620 - 1711)


Sgt. Benjamin Waite b. c 1645, d. 1704
Children 1.Mary Waite+1 (1672 - )
 2.Martha Waite1 (1673 - )
 3.Sarah Waite+1 (1675 - )
 4.Canada Waite+2 (1678 - 1749)
 5.John Waite+1 (1680 - bt 1743 - 1744)
 6.Joseph1 Waite1 (1682 - 1686/87)
 7.Jeremiah Waite+1 (1684 - )
 8.Joseph Waite+1 (1688 - c 1780)
Her married name was Waite.2 
Birth*15 May 1649She was born on 15 May 1649 at Springfield, Hampden (then Hampshire) Co., Massachusetts Bay ColonyG.3,1 
1663She lived in 1663 at Hadley, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.4 
1669She lived in 1669 at Hatfield, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.4 
Marriage*8 June 1670She married Sgt. Benjamin Waite, son of Thomas Waite and Eleanor _____, on 8 June 1670 at Springfield, Hampden Co., MassachusettsG.5,1,2,6 
September 1677She "[Martha Waite] together with her daughters Mary, Martha, and Sarah, were in 1677 carried captives to Canada, and there her daughter Canada was b. The captives returned to Hat. in May, 1678." in September 1677.4 
19 September 1677She was captured in the Hatfield Indian Raid on 19 September 1677; Hatfield Indian Raid.7 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    On the 19th of September, 1677, a year after the war was apparently closed, some Indians made an unexpected and destructive inroad upon Hatfield. About eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when a greater part of the men were dispersed in the meadows, and others were employed upon the frame of a house without the palisades, a party of Indians suddenly assaulted the latter, and shot down three men, and proceeding to other buildings, killed nine more persons, wounded four others, took seventeen captives, and burnt seven buildings....
    The persons killed, taken and wounded, at Hatfield, Sept. 19, 1677, were as follows:
    Killed. — Sergt. Isaac Graves and his brother, John Graves; John Atchisson; John Cooper of Springfield, aged 18; Elizabeth, wife of Philip Russell and her son Stephen, aged 3 years; Hannah, wife of John Coleman, and her babe Bethiah; Sarah, wife of Samuel Kellogg, and her babe Joseph; Mary, wife of Samuel Belding; Elizabeth Wells, aged two years, daughter of John Wells; in all, 12.
    Taken. — Sarah Coleman, aged four years, and another child of John Coleman; Martha, wife of Benjamin Wait, and her 3 daughters, Mary, aged 6, Martha, 4, and Sarah, 2; Mary, wife of Samuel Foote, and a young son, and daughter Mary, aged 3; Hannah, wife of Stephen Jennings, and two of his children by a previous wife; Obadiah Dickinson and one child; Samuel, son of Samuel Kellogg, aged 8; Abigail, daughter of John Allis, aged 6; Abigail, daughter of William Bartholomew, who lived at Deerfield before the war; in all, 17.
    Wounded. —A child of John Coleman; wife and daughter of John Wells; wife of Obadiah Dickinson.
    As the Indians retreated with the captives, they also attacked Deerfield:
    At Deerfield, — John Root was taken and then killed; and Sergt. John Plympton, senior, Quintin Stockwell, Benoni Stebbins [later escaped], and Samuel, son of Philip Russell, aged 8 or 9, were taken.
    A rescue mission, led by Benjamin Wait and Stephen Jennings, successfully redeemed most of the captives (being held in Quebec) in May 1678, as reported by Wait in a letter:
    "Three of the captives are murdered, — old Goodman Plympton, Samuel Foot's daughter, Samuel Russell. All the rest are alive and well and now at Albany, namely, Obadiah Dickinson and his child, Mary Foot and her child, Hannah Jennings and 3 children, Abigail Allis, Abigail Bartholomew, Goodman Coleman's children. Samuel Kellogg, my wife and 4 children, and Quintin Stockwell."