Daniel Belding1

#7603, (20 November 1648 - 14 August 1732)
Relationship1st cousin 7 times removed of William David Lewis
Father*William Belding1 (c 1623 - )
Mother*Tomisin _____1

Family 1

Elizabeth Foote b. c 1652, d. 1696
Children 1.William Belding11 (1671 - )
 2.Richard Belding11 (1672 - )
 3.Elizabeth Belding11 (1673 - )
 4.Nathaniel Belding11 (1675 - 1714)
 5.Mary Belding11 (1677 - )
 6.Daniel Belding11 (1680 - 1696)
 7.Sarah Belding11 (1681/82 - )
 8.Hester Belding11 (1683 - )
 9.Abigail1 Belding11 (1686 - )
 10.Samuel Belding11 (1687 - )
 11.John1 Belding11 (1689 - 1689)
 12.Abigail Belding11 (1690 - )
 13.John Belding11 (1693 - 1696)
 14.Thankful Belding11 (1695 - 1696)

Family 2

Hepzibah Buel b. s 1652, d. a 1704

Family 3

Sarah H. Hawks b. 1657, d. 1751
Birth*20 November 1648He was born on 20 November 1648 at Wethersfield, Connecticut Colony; (History of Deerfield also has 1648.)2,3,4 
Marriage*10 November 1670He married Elizabeth Foote, daughter of Nathaniel Foote Jr. and Elizabeth Smith, on 10 November 1670 at Hartford (prob.), Connecticut.5 
16 September 1696He was captured in the Belden Homestead Raid on 16 September 1696 at Deerfield, Massachusetts; Belden Homestead Raid.
On September 16, 1696 a band of Mohawks raided the Belden homestead killing Elizabeth Foot and three children: Thankful (one year old), John (four years old), and Daniel (16 years old). Samuel (nine years old) and Abagail (11 years old) were wounded. Another child, Sarah, escaped death or capture by hiding in the barn." http://sandwalk.blogspot.com
Sept. 16, 1696. The Indians came along from up Green River to the town, and assaulted Mr. Daniel Belden's house; took Mr. Belden, his son Nathaniel and daughter Esther captive, killed his wife and three children, and wounded Samuel and Abigail, but they recovered, altho' Samuel had a hatchet stuck in his head, and some of his brains came out at his wound. Samuel was born Apr. 10, 1687. Hatfield Town Records

The Indians making an Assault upon Deerfield, in this Present War, they struck a Hatchet some Inches into the Skull of a Boy there, even so deep that the Boy felt the force of a Wrench used by 'em to get it out. There he lay a long while Weltering in his Blood; they found him, they Dress'd him' considerable Quantities of his Brain came out from time to time when they opened the Wound; yet the Lad recovered, and is now a Living Monument of the Power and Goodness of God." Mather's Magnalia.5,6
Marriage*17 February 1698/99He married Hepzibah Buel, daughter of William Buel, on 17 February 1698/99 at Deerfield, Massachusetts Bay Colony.7,5 
Marriage*after 1704He married Sarah H. Hawks, daughter of John Hawks and Elizabeth _____, after 1704 at Massachusetts Bay ProvinceG.8 
Death*14 August 1732He died on 14 August 1732 at Deerfield, Massachusetts Bay Province, at age 83.9,10 


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