Catherine Chapin1

#7656, (1626 - 4 February 1712)
Relationship7th great-grandaunt of William David Lewis
Father*Dea. Samuel Chapin1 (c 1598 - 1675)
Mother*Cicely Penney1 (c 1601 - 1682/83)

Family 1

Nathaniel Bliss b. 1621, d. 1654
Children 1.Samuel Bliss8 (1647 - 1749)
 2.Margaret Bliss8 (1649 - 1745)
 3.Mary Bliss8 (1651 - 1722)
 4.Nathaniel Bliss Jr.8 (1653 - 1736)

Family 2

Thomas Gilbert b. c 1624, d. 1662
Children 1.Sarah Gilbert8 (1655/56 - 1712)
 2.John Gilbert8 (1657 - 1708/9)
 3.Thomas Gilbert8 (1658/59 - 1698)
 4.Henry Gilbert8 (1661/62 - 1740)

Family 3

Samuel Marshfield b. 1626, d. 1692
Children 1.Josiah Marshfield8 (1665 - 1712)
 2.Hester Marshfield8 (1667 - 1714)
 3.____ Marshfield8 (1669 - 1669)
 4.Margaret Marshfield8 (1670 - 1758)
Christening1626She was christened in 1626 at St. Mary's Church, Berry Pomeroy, Devon, EnglandG.2 
Birth*1626She was born in 1626 at Devon, EnglandG.2,1 
6 April 1630In Henry Penney's will dated 6 April 1630, Catherine Chapin was named as an heir; wife Jane named as Executrix.3 
after October 1637She accompanied Dea. Samuel Chapin and Cicely Penney after October 1637 from Devon, England (sometime after the baptism of Josiah) to Massachusetts BayG.4,5 
1639She lived with Dea. Samuel Chapin and Cicely Penney in 1639 at Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MassachusettsG.6,7 
1642/43She removed with Dea. Samuel Chapin and Cicely Penney in 1642/43 Agawam settlement (Springfield) during the winter.6 
26 November 1646 As of 26 November 1646,her married name was Bliss.8 
Marriage*26 November 1646She married Nathaniel Bliss on 26 November 1646 at Springfield, Massachusetts.8 
31 July 1655 As of 31 July 1655,her married name was Gilbert.8 
Marriage*31 July 1655She married Thomas Gilbert on 31 July 1655 at Massachusetts.8 
28 December 1664 As of 28 December 1664,her married name was Marshfield.8 
Marriage*28 December 1664She married Samuel Marshfield, son of Thomas Marshfield and ____ _____, on 28 December 1664 at Massachusetts; his 2nd, her 3rd.8 
Death*4 February 1712She died on 4 February 1712 at Massachusetts.1 


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