Alexander Edwards1

Relationship7th great-grandfather of William David Lewis


Sarah Baldwin b. s 1617
Children 1.Samuel Edwards5 (1643 - )
 2.Nathaniel Edwards5 (bt 1644 - 1664 - )
 3.Elizabeth Edwards5 (bt 1644 - 1664 - )
 4.Hannah Edwards5 (1644/45 - )
 5.Joseph Edwards6,5 (1647 - )
 6.Mary Edwards+5,1 (1649 - 1717)
 7.Benjamin Edwards5 (1652 - )
 8.Sarah Edwards7,5 (1654 - )
Marriage*28 April 1642He married Sarah Baldwin, daughter of Richard Baldwin III and Isabel Harding, on 28 April 1642 at Springfield, Massachusetts.2,3 
1656He and Sarah Baldwin removed to Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1656.4 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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