____ Carroll1

Relationship2nd great-grandfather of Anna Margaret Donovan


Children 1.James Carroll+2 (1788 - 1873)
 2.Rosannah Carroll+1 (c 1797 - )


  1. [S79] Rev. Edward Savage, The Story of Melrose, Westmorland County (copy from Université Saint Joseph Archives, Moncton), transcription online http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nbwestmo/history.htm, p. 6: "1826. Shortly after these had established themselves on farms, James Carroll came from Newfoundland with his brother-in-law, John Kennedy.Carroll was in many respects a remarkable man.He bore on his breast the imprint of a bayonet wound received from a Hessian soldier in the struggle for Irish independence on Vinegar Hill. His son John enjoyed the distinction of being the first child born on the "New Road". Besides John, the other children were: James, William, Mrs. Daniel Lane, and Mrs. Florence Donovan. It would seem that he and Kennedy became cool to each other; and perhaps for that reason Kennedy moved away and further account of him is lost." [more prob. that he died; his wife/widow then marr. Andrew Downey]
  2. [S520] VWH.