Sarah Sibballah Collins1,2

#9282, (circa 1830 - before 1870)
Father*Thomas Cresap Collins3 (1790 - 1842)
Mother*Rachel Ryan3 (1807 - 1874)


William W Morris b. c 1817, d. b 1870
Children 1.Jessie Morris+7 (1852 - 1920)
 2.Sarah Morris7 (c 1854 - 1875)
Parentage of Sarah Collins, wife of William W Morris: Sarah was b. ca. 1830. In the census of that year, there were two Collins families in Lawrence County - Thomas, age 40-49, and William, age 20-29 - so one of these is likely to be her father. Don Norman, in his Descendants of John Collins, has two daughters of Thomas C Collins and Rachel Ryan born in Lawrence County, Illinois, namely Sarah Amanda (b. 1828) and Sarah Siballah (b. 1829). The naming indicates that the first Sarah died young (and there was also a younger daughter, Rachel Amanda, b. 1834). Rachel Collins, née Ryan, was widowed in 1842. In the 1870 census, her household includes Sarah Morris, age 14. This is likely the daughter of William W Morris and Sarah Collins, who was an orphan in 1870. Rachel Collins, née Ryan, and Sarah Morris, likely her niece, share a memorial monument in Lawrenceville City Cemetery.
Sarah Morris's only sister, Jessie, was, in 1870, in the household of Jesse K Dubois and his wife Delia (or Adelia), née Morris. This Delia/ Adelia may well be one of the unnamed daughters of John H Morris and Delia Hoagland.
Based on this, we are saying that Sarah Collins, wife of William W Morris, was the daughter of Thomas C Collins and Rachel Ryan; and that Delia/Adelia Morris, wife of Jesse K Dubois, was the daughter of John H Morris and Delia Hoagland. Each of these families took in one of the two orphaned daughters (their nieces) after the death of their parents.3 
Birth*circa 1830She was born circa 1830 at IllinoisG.4 
1840She appeared on the census of 1840 in the household of Thomas Cresap Collins and Rachel Ryan at Lawrence Co., IllinoisG; (male 80-89, father of either Thomas or Rachel.)5 
30 August 1848 As of 30 August 1848,her married name was Morris.1 
Marriage*30 August 1848She married William W Morris, son of John H Morris and Delia Hoagland, on 30 August 1848 at Lawrence Co., IllinoisG.1 
25 October 1850She and William W Morris appeared on the census of 25 October 1850 at Lawrence Co., IllinoisG; (nei. parents John H and Delia, fam. 1028.)4 
Death*before 1870She died before 1870.6 


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