Martin Hoagland1

#9342, (circa 1704 - between 17 July 1767 and 10 February 1768)
Father*Christopher Hoagland Jr.2 (c 1669 - 1748)
Mother*Helena Middagh3 (c 1677 - )


Phebe Van Winkle
Children 1.John Hoagland1 (c 1734 - )
 2.Ariantje Hoagland1 (c 1734 - )
 3.Okey Hoagland1 (c 1736 - )
 4.Martin Hoagland Jr.+1 (1739 - )
 5.Jane Hoagland1 (s 1741 - )
 6.Christopher Hoagland+1 (c 1742 - 1813)
 7.Ida Hoagland1 (s 1744 - )
 8.Phebe Hoagland1 (s 1746 - )
 9.Cornelius Hoagland+1 (1750 - 1806)
 10.Elinor Hoagland+8 (c 1752 - )
 11.Abraham Hoagland1 (1754 - d.y.)
Martin Hoagland was also known as Hogeland.1 
Birth*circa 1704He was born circa 1704 at Flatlands, Long Island, New YorkG.1 
before 1717He removed with Christopher Hoagland Jr. and Helena Middagh to Raritan, New Jersey, before 1717.4 
Marriage*circa 1732He married Phebe Van Winkle circa 1732.5 
17 July 1767He left a will on 17 July 1767 at New JerseyG; see citation for birth order of children.6,7 
Death*between 17 July 1767 and 10 February 1768He died between 17 July 1767 and 10 February 1768 at Windsor, Middlesex (now Mercer) Co., New JerseyG.1 
Probate*10 February 1768His estate was probated on 10 February 1768 at Burlington, New Jersey.7 


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    And as for what worldly Estate it hath pleased God to Bless Me with in this life I give Bequeath and dispose of in the following Form and manner IMPRIMIS I Will and Ordain that my Funeral Charges and just Debts be all paid
    ITEM I will and Ordain that my Executors or the Major part of them, my beloved Wife Phebe being one of them, sell and dispose of my right and title and Share of my Grand Father Christopher Hoogeland deceased his estate lying and situate in New York and elsewhere and also so much of my personal Estate, and so much of my Tract of Land on w'ch I now dwell, as my said Executors shall adjudge proper as to pay my funeral Charges and all my just Debts
    ITEM I give and Bequeath unto my Beloved Wife Phebe the Lands & Plantation on which I now dwell (excepting what is sold as above ordained) To the only use and Behoof of her my said beloved Wife for and during her natural life, and also so much of my Household Goods and Horses & Cattle 8: other of my Personal Estate, as my Executors or the Major part of them, my Wife being one of them, shall adjudge proper To the use and Behoof of her my said beloved Wife for and during her natural life, and Will and Ordain that my said beloved Wife Phebe take the care to order, rule and govern and support my son John and my Daughters Arianche and Jane during her my said beloved Wife's natural life.
    ITEM I Will and ordain that after the decease of my said beloved Wife my surviving Executors or Executor if then but one be living sell and dispose of all my remaining Estate both Real and Personal, and all the Money arising from the sale thereof to be divided into ten parts or shares
    ITEM I give and Bequeath unto my Son Ouke my Silver Tumbler
    ITEM I give and bequeath unto my sons Ouke, Martin, Christopher, John & Cornelius and to my Daughters Elinor, Jane, Idah, Phebe and Arianche to each and every one of them one share or tenth part of my Estate as abovesaid
    ITEM I Will and Ordain that at the time of the dividing of my Estate as above said If any of my abovesaid Sons or Daughters should be deceased without lawful Issue, then the Share and part of the deceased to be equally divided among the surviving Sons and Daughters
    ITEM I Will and Ordain nominate and appoint my beloved Wife Phebe to be Executrix my sons Ouke and Christopher, and my Brother”s son Christopher Hoogeland to be Executors to Execute this my last Will and Testament.

    “Signed, Sealed and Delivered pronounced and Declared by Martin Hoogeland to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of Richard Hutchinson jun’r, William Hutchinson Junr, Step'n Warne.

    Richard Hutchinson, and William Hutchinson two of the witnesses to the within Will being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, do depose they were present and saw Martin Hoogeland the Testator within named Sign, and seal the same, and heard him publish pronounce and declare the within writing to be his last Will and Testament, at the doing thereof the said Testator was of sound and disposing Mind and Memory as far as they know, and as they verily believe; Also that Stephen Warne the other Witness was present and signed his name as a Witness to the said Will together with these deponents in the presence of the said Testator, Richard Hutchinson, William Hutchinson.

    Sworn at Burlington 10th Feb‘y 1768 Before Me Chas. Pettit Surrogate.
    The Foregoing Will being proved Probate was granted by his Excellency Govemor Franklin, unto Okey Hoagland, Christopher Hoagland and Christopher Hoagland Junior thereof the Executors in the said Will named, Phebe Hoagland the Executrix having renounced, they being first Sworn truly to perform the same, to exhibit a true Inventory and render a true account when lawfully required.
    Given under the prerogative Seal at Burlington the day and year aforesaid.
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