Elizabeth _____1

#9366, (say 1662 - )

Family 1

Peter Smit

Family 2

Jan Aertsen Middagh b. 1662, d. b 1709
Children 1.Pieter Middagh1 (s 1691 - )
 2.Elizabeth Middagh5 (s 1693 - )
 3.Johannes Middagh5 (s 1693 - )
 4.Cornelis Middagh5 (s 1697 - )
Her married name was Smit.1 
Her married name was Middagh.1 
Birth*say 1662She was born say 1662.2 
Marriage*say 1683She married Peter Smit say 1683; her 1st.1,3 
Marriage*4 January 1690She married Jan Aertsen Middagh, son of Aert Teunisen Middagh and Brecktje Hansen, on 4 January 1690; each their 2nd.1,3 
11 August 1707In Jan Aertsen Middagh's will dated 11 August 1707, Elizabeth _____ was named as an heir of "the house where I now live at the Ferry, and all my garden, and one half of my orchard, and a horse to ride, at her pleasure, during her life."4 


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    In the name of God, Amen, the 11 August, 1707, I, John Aerson, of the Ferry, in the township of Brookland in Kings County, on the Island of Nassau, being of good and perfect memory, I leave to my wife Elizabeth, the house where I now live at the Ferry, and all my garden, and one half of my orchard, and a horse to ride, at her pleasure, during her life. And she is to have two cows to be kept with fodder and pasture, winter and summer, and my farm at the Ferry, with firewood and bread corn, and liberty to keep fowls, and £10 yearly, and a negro girl. I leave to my children, Aert, Matthew, and David, after my wife’s decease, all my houses, lands and tenements lying and being at the Ferry in the township of Brookland, bounded south by the lot of Adriaen Hoogland, formerly George Jacobs, north by the river, east by a creek, adjoining to John Reportes land, and west by the highway leading from Brookland to the Ferry. Containing about 200 acres of land and meadow. And also all my lands in the county of Somerset in New Jersey. I leave to my youngest son John, £50. I leave to my daughter Helena, after my wife’s decease, all that my house and garden spot at the Ferry, wherein my son David now lives. I leave all oods and chattels to my sons, Aert, Matthew, and David. I leave all my negroes to my said sons, and two of the old negroes, Sambo and his wife Mary, are to stay on the farm, and are not to be sold, and they are to have every Saturday afternoon to work for themselves. I make my sons, Aert, Matthew, and David, executors. Witnesses, Henry Filkin, John Evertse, Josias Crego. Proved before Thomas Wenham, June 8, 1706.
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