Okey Hoagland1

#9393, (27 February 1791 - 15 January 1883)
Relationship5th cousin 4 times removed of William David Lewis
Father*Cornelius Hoagland1 (1750 - 1806)
Mother*Mary Tuttle1 (1757 - 1840)


Mary Giltner
Children 1.Moses Hoagland10 (1828 - 1828)
 2.Delia Hoagland10 (1831 - )
 3.Martin Hoagland10 (1833 - 1838)
 4.Sarah Jane Hoagland10 (1835 - )
 5.Mary Elizabeth Hoagland10 (1837 - )
 6.Catharine Hoagland10 (1840 - )
 7.Cornelia Hoagland10 (1842 - )
 8.Barney Giltner Hoagland+10 (1844 - 1932)
 9.Benjamin Francis Hoagland10 (1847 - 1859)
Birth*27 February 1791He was born on 27 February 1791 at Mt. Pleasant, New Jersey.2 
circa 1801He removed with Cornelius Hoagland and Mary Tuttle to Hunter's Bottom, Gallatin (now Carroll) Co., KentuckyG, circa 1801 "The story of this removal is entertainingly told by a descendant of Cornelius Hoagland, Mrs. Delia Ann Hiskey, of Lawrenceville, Ill. She writes under date of May 1, 1889: “ When I was a girl of fifteen years, a great deal of my time was spent with my great grandmother. She entertained me during the long Winter evenings by telling me of their removal from New Jersey to Kentucky. She said my great grandfather came out with his son and deaf brother, and bought land enough for all his children in Hunter's Bottom, Gallatin County, Ky., lying on the banks of the Ohio River. After making the purchase these men went to work immediately to prepare a home for those who were yet to come to them from New Jersey. There was heavily timbered land to clear, fences to make. and a house to build out of logs. This was in the year 1800. The country was sparcely settled then, but the inhabitants were very kind, and offered their services to help them in erecting their house, which was large and convenient. My great grandfather wrote to his wife to come just as soon as the house was ready. She, of course, had made all necessary preparations for the journey, which was, in those days, a long and tiresome one. They came to Pittsburgh in wagons, driving stock and bringing farming utensils and every thing they could not get in the new country. When they reached Pittsburgh they embarked upon flat boats built on purpose for families emigrating West. I cannot remember how long it took to make the journey, but it was several weeks. They landed their boats right near where their home and friends were waiting. Great was the joy when these men were united again with their loved ones. This was in October, 1801. My great grandparents brought nine children from Morristown, N. One was born in Gallatin County, Ky., in 1803. That made ten—five sons and five daughters.... The name of my great grandfather's brother was Okey Hoagland (Holland Dutch). This brother was very wealthy and full of aristocratic pride. He told his brother, Cornelius Hoagland, that if he would take those two deaf people, and keep them their natural life, he would at his death will him all he possessed. Perhaps my great grandfather's getting killed by a falling tree, soon after his settlement in Kentucky, was the reason why his family never received a cent from that uncle. He was married, but childless. But what was said a hundred years ago doesn’t amount to much when we can't prove it."
The Hoagland Family in America, p. 80.3,4 
1810He appeared on the census of 1810 in the household of Mary Tuttle at Gallatin Twp., Gallatin (now Carroll) Co., KentuckyG.5 
Marriage*1827He married Mary Giltner in 1827 at KentuckyG.2 
2 September 1850He and Mary Giltner appeared on the census of 2 September 1850 at Dist. 2, Carroll Co., KentuckyG.6 
22 June 1860He and Mary Giltner appeared on the census of 22 June 1860 at Dist. 2, Carroll Co., KentuckyG; (neis. Moses Hoagland, fam. 413; Michael and Mary Giltner, fam. 408.)7 
27 July 1870He appeared on the census of 27 July 1870 at Locust Prec., Carroll Co., KentuckyG.8 
17 June 1880He appeared on the census of 17 June 1880 in the household of Barney Giltner Hoagland and Mary Pryor, father, age 89, b. and parents b. NJ.9 
Death*15 January 1883He died on 15 January 1883 at KentuckyG at age 91.2 


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