An Address from the town of Leominster voted at their annual meeting March 3, 1766.

Gentlemen. We have with much pleasure observed how nobly you have exerted yourselves as advocates of Liberty and defenders of the Natural Rights of Man, especially of British Americans. We take this opportunity to present you (hoping you will candidly accept) our sincere united thanks for the great good you have designed and done in standing fast for the Liberty wherewith the Author of Nature and of the Christian Religion hath made us free. For we esteem you under God the great Protector of our Freedom.- civil and religious, the latter of which we are persuaded cannot long survive the former. We have an ambition to be involved among the true sons of Liberty. Therefore upon this occasion we declare our earnest detestation of the Stamp Act as an engine of wickedness and cruelty calculated to destroy the British Constitution as well as the sacred privileges of his Majesty's free and loyal subjects in America. As we retain our perfect loyalty to the best of Kings, we must abhor the villainy and folly of the men who have presumed to give the worst advice.

Signers include Lt. David Johnson, 1715-1799. person ID 2058.

A Copy of the Records of the Town of Leominster Commencing with the First Town Meeting, pages 132–134, excluding marginal notes in the original Copy.

Source: Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620–1988, images 69–71 of 283.