link to Gallery UK pix 2019
001+Westminster Abbey02
002+Big Ben with scaffolding03
003+Buckingham Palace04
004+Natural History Museum birds05
005+Dover England06
006+Dover with white cliffs07
007+White Cliffs with Dover Castle08
008+Dover port09
009+Dover beach10
010+Canterbury (2)11
012+Canterbury cathedral13
013+Greenwich and Cutty Sark14
014+Greenwich and Cutty Sark (2)15
015+Thames River cruise16
016+Thames cruise; Tower Bridge17
017+Bank of England18
019+London Stadium in Olympic Park19
020+London Series souvenir20
021+ballpark food21
022+Lets Go Yankees22
023+the line-ups23
026+Victoria Station26
027+Downing Street27
028+St James's Park28
029+St James's Park (2)29
030+The Albert soccer night30
031+The Albert31
032+Paddington Station32
033+Paddington Underground33
034+Buckingham Gate34
035+good beer and G&T35
036+my coffee shop36
037+Thames River from the Vauxhall Bridge37
038+Westminster Palace beyond Lambeth Bridge38
039+Westminster Palace from Westminster Bridge39
040+Eye of London ferris wheel40
041+Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square41
042+St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square42
101+St James's Park01
102+St James Park02
103+Leeds Castle03
104+Leeds Castle04
105+Leeds Castle courtyard05
106+Leeds Castle06
107+Leeds Castle with new friend07
108+Leeds Castle 'Mozart' Eurasian eagle-owl08
109+Canterbury gate09
110+Victoria Street10
111+new flat; come visit11
112+British Museum Lindow Man12
113+British Museum Elgin Marble13
114+Russell Square14
115+Victoria Station15
116+Jugged Hare sign good beer etc16
117+Still Water sculpture; Marble Arch17
118+Grange Wellington on Vincent Square18