Florence Donovan1,2

#660, (circa 1788 - )
RelationshipGreat-grandfather of Anna Margaret Donovan
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Margaret O'Reilley b. 1790
Children 1.Johanna Donovan+9 (c 1813 - 1891)
 2.Norah Donovan+3 (c 1815 - 1892)
 3.Florence Thomas (Fleury) Donovan+10 (c 1817 - 1910)
 4.Daniel Donovan+3 (c 1819 - 1885)
 5.Ellen Donovan+9 (s 1821 - )
 6.John Donovan11 (c 1823 - )
 7.Michael Donovan+3 (c 1824 - 1891)
 8.Mary Ann Donovan+12 (c 1829 - )
Florence Donovan was also known as John Florence.3 
He and Margaret O'Reilley came to NB Jun 1842, settled at Grand Digue, Dundas according to Ken Kanner's Early Families Revisted.4 
Birth*circa 1788He was born circa 1788 at Co. Cork, IrelandG.3 
Marriage*circa 1810He married Margaret O'Reilley circa 1810 at IrelandG.3 
April 1826He and Margaret O'Reilley appeared on the census of April 1826 at Rathrout, Ballinadee Civil Par., Co. Cork, IrelandG.2 
May 1831He and Margaret O'Reilley migrated to Grande-Digue, Dundas Par., Kent Co., New BrunswickG, (see note for Norah) in May 1831.3,5,6 
Marriage16 November 1841He witnessed the marriage of William Hogan and Norah Donovan on 16 November 1841 at La Visitation Church, Grande-Digue, Dundas Par., Kent Co., New BrunswickG, father of Norry.7
1851He and Margaret O'Reilley appeared on the census of 1851 at Shediac Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (all French neis.)8
ChartsAncestors of Anna Margaret Donovan


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    1. Florence, b. Co. Cork Ireland ca. 1811, d. Irishtown NB ca. 1908; marr. Johanna Carroll 20 Apr 1846, Cap Pelé NB.
    2. Norah, b. Co. Cork Ireland ca. 1815, marr. William Hogan 16 Nov 1841, Grande-Digue.
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    The monument was designed by Linda Evans of Irishtown and carved by Tingleys Monuments of Amherst, Nova Scotia. Partial funding was acquired from the Regional Development Corporation of New Brunswick. The Westmorland Albert Kent (Moncton) Chapter provided the remainder. The parish of St Lawrence O’Tooles donated the land and also prepared the site.
    The monument is an 8-foot standing stone of light grey granite. On the front of the monument is the following inscription: “First Settler Families – Irishtown - McQuades - O’Neills Settlements” followed by the caption “forever in our hearts”.
    To view the monument, take exit 459 (Notre Dame/St Antoine) from the Trans Canada Highway north of Moncton. Follow Route 115 north, away from the city for 9 km and you will come to Irishtown. A kilometre further, you will see St Lawrence O’Toole Roman Catholic Church on the left hand side of the road. The monument is located beside the church.
    Then follows the names of the pioneer Irish families to the area, as well as their date of arrival in NB. Recorded in alphabetical order on the front and rear of the monument, the settler families include the following: Alexander 1823, Anketell 1831, Barr 1846, Bulmer, Corbett 1833, Delahunt 1816, Delahunt 1821, Delahunt 1839, Doherty 1847, Doherty 1850, Donahoe 1832, Donahue 1832, Donovan 1831, Doyle 1848, Eddington 1832, Fitzgerald 1830, Fitzsimmons 1816, Fitzsimmons 1846, Fogarty 1823, Foley 1832, Gaines, Gallagher 1820, Griffin 1832, Hannigan 1831, Hennessy 1819, Hogan 1837, Keenan 1836, Kelly 1846, Lannigan 1848, Larracey 1816, Lowry 1836, Marley 1826, Mauser 1840, Matthews, McDonald 1832, McGuire, McQuade 1832, Mulroney 1832, Murray 1821, O’Delaney 1849, O’Donnell 1836, O’Donnell 1846, O’Neill 1831, O’Neill 1832, O’Neill 1837, O’Rourke 1812, Power (Poor), Quinn, Reddy, Sullivan 1831, Turner, Walsh 1837 and Wood.
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