Johanna Donovan1

#1214, (circa 1813 - 6 June 1891)
RelationshipGrandaunt of Anna Margaret Donovan
Father*Florence Donovan1 (c 1788 - )
Mother*Margaret O'Reilley1 (1790 - )
Drouin Collection. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin.


Lawrence O'Brien b. c 1796, d. 1868
Children 1.John O'Brien12 (c 1833 - )
 2.David O'Brien12 (1835 - )
 3.Michael O'Brien+ (c 1837 - )
 4.Hilary O'Brien13 (c 1839 - )
 5.William T O'Brien+12 (c 1842 - 1896)
 6.Mary O'Brien14 (c 1844 - )
 7.Lawrence O'Brien12 (c 1846 - )
 8.Margaret O'Brien15 (c 1849 - )
 9.Thomas O'Brien16 (1852 - )
No record of parents found, link suggested by DFI.2 
Her married name was Brien.3 
Her married name was O'Brien.3 
Birth*circa 1813She was born circa 1813 at Co. Cork, IrelandG.4 
April 1826She was likely in the household of Florence Donovan and Margaret O'Reilley at Rathrout, Ballinadee Civil Par., Co. Cork, IrelandG, in the census of of April 1826.5  
Marriage*6 August 1832She married Lawrence O'Brien on 6 August 1832 at Shediac, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.3
Marriage26 January 1846She witnessed the marriage of Catherine Fay and William John Carroll on 26 January 1846 at St-Henri Church, Barachois, Shediac Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.6 
12 August 1850She and Lawrence O'Brien appeared on the census of 12 August 1850 at Dover, Strafford Co., New HampshireG.7 
3 August 1860She and Lawrence O'Brien appeared on the census of 3 August 1860 at Adams, Berkshire Co., MassachusettsG.8 
1 May 1865She and Lawrence O'Brien appeared on the census of 1 May 1865 at Williamstown, Berkshire Co., MassachusettsG.9 
12 August 1870She appeared on the census of 12 August 1870 in the household of Michael O'Brien and Catherine Tobin at Florida, Berkshire Co., MassachusettsG, as Johannah O'Brine, age 58, b. Ireland.10 
17 June 1880She appeared on the census of 17 June 1880 in the household of William T O'Brien and Bridget Maloney at Eagle Street, North Adams, Berkshire Co., MassachusettsG, as Johannah L O'Brien, mother, age 63 [68?], b. and parents b. Ireland.11 
Death*6 June 1891She died on 6 June 1891 at North Adams, Berkshire Co., MassachusettsG; (poss. 5 Jun.)4 
Marr. rec. 1832 "Lawrence Brien"; son Michael bapt. "Michael Bryan"; son Hilary bapt. 1839 "Lawrence O'Brian"; 1851 census Florence Donovan hh Michael may be "Michael Obrien" (14), servant.2 


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