Sarah Tarne1

#10376, (say 1634 - )
Relationship7th great-grandmother of William David Lewis
Father*Miles Tarne1 (s 1610 - b 1676)
Mother*Sarah _____2 (s 1614 - b 1652)


Edward Bobit b. s 1620, d. 1676
Children 1.Edward Babbitt Jr.+5 (1655 - )
 2.Sarah Babbitt+1 (1657/58 - )
 3.Hannah Babbitt5 (1660/61 - )
 4.Damaris Babbitt5 (1663 - )
 5.Elkana Babbitt+5 (1665 - )
 6.Dorcas Babbitt5 (1666/67 - 1674)
 7.Ester Babbitt5 (1669 - )
 8.Ruth Babbitt6 (1671 - )
 9.Deliverance Babbitt6 (1673 - )
Birth*say 1634She was born say 1634.1 
Marriage*7 September 1643She married Edward Bobit on 7 September 1643 at Taunton, Massachusetts.1,3 
7 September 1643 As of 7 September 1643,her married name was Bobit.1 
Probate6 March 1676/77She was the administrator of Edward Bobit's estate on 6 March 1676/77 at New Plymouth Colony, MassachusettsG; also Judge James Cudworth, poss. 8614.4 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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