Miles Tarne1

#10377, (say 1610 - before 27 July 1676)
Relationship8th great-grandfather of William David Lewis

Family 1

Sarah _____ b. s 1614, d. b 1652
Children 1.Sarah Tarne+1 (s 1634 - )
 2.Hannah Tarne2 (1638 - )
 3.Deliverance Tarne10 (1641 - )
He was a leather-dresser.2 
Miles Tarne was also known as Terney.2 
Birth*say 1610He was born say 1610 at EnglandG; poss. Yorkshire. A Miles Tarne was living there in 1878, from Moriarty NEHGR 86:258. 
Marriage*say 1632He married Sarah _____ say 1632.3 
before October 1638He and Sarah _____ migrated to Boston, Massachusetts, (poss. with dau. Sarah) before October 1638.4 
28 October 1640He applied for a lot for 5 heads at Massachusetts on 28 October 1640.5 
10 May 1643He was admitted as a Freeman on 10 May 1643 at Massachusetts.2 
Marriage*23 October 1652He married Elizabeth _____ on 23 October 1652 at Massachusetts.6 
25 October 1668Miles Tarne sold real estate to Elizabeth _____ at Massachusetts on 25 October 1668.7 
Death*before 27 July 1676He died before 27 July 1676.8 
Inventory*27 July 1676His estate was inventoried by Miles Tarne on 27 July 1676.9 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    repay or cause to bee satisfied contented & repaid the Sume aforesd. unto the sd. Deacons in manner & forme aforesd. or
    to theire Successors to the onely use & behoofe of the Church above mentioned then this Deed to bee void and of none
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    Law’s of this Jurisdiction. In Vitness whereof the sd. Michael Tarn & Elizabeth his sd. wife and Joshua Rice theire sd. Son
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    Signed Sealed & Deliurd. Miclle Tarne, (the mark of ) Elizabeth Tarne, Joshua Rice.
    In presence of us, John Morse, Asaph Eliott
    Joshua Rice Subscriber acknowledged the above written to bee his act & Deed 16 (8) 1676.
    Before mee Joseph Dudley Assist.
    Entred & compared Octobr. 17"‘. 1676 @ p Isa: Addington Cler
    , Suffolk County Commissioners, Boston.
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