Sarah Andrews1

#10470, (between 1643 and 1645 - )
Relationship7th great-grandaunt of William David Lewis
Father*Henry Andrews1 (s 1605 - 1653)
Mother*Mary Williams1 (c 1610 - b 1655)


Jared Talbut b. s 1642
Children 1.Jared Talbut Jr.5 (1666/67 - )
 2.Mary Talbut5 (1670 - )
 3.Elizabeth Talbut5 (1671 - )
 4.Samuel Talbut5 (1675/76 - )
 5.Josiah Talbut5 (1678 - )
 6.Nathaniel Talbut5 (1679/80 - )
Her married name was Talbut.1 
Birth*between 1643 and 1645She was born between 1643 and 1645 at Taunton, Massachusetts.1 
13 March 1652In Henry Andrews's will dated 13 March 1652 at Plymouth Colony, Sarah Andrews was named as an heir, an equal share with her sister Abigail of £130 and " 'a certaine peece of land called the necke of land.2
14 February 1653/54In Mary Williams's will dated 14 February 1653/54 at Taunton, Plymouth Colony, "little daughter" Sarah Andrews was named as an heir.3,4 
Marriage*1 April 1664She married Jared Talbut on 1 April 1664.1 


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    daughters Sarah Andrews
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