Henry Andrews1

#5087, (say 1605 - 1653)
Relationship8th great-grandfather of William David Lewis


Mary Williams b. c 1610, d. b 1655
Children 1.Mary Andrews+11 (c 1629 - )
 2.Henry Andrews Jr.+12 (c 1629 - c 1676)
 3.Sarah Andrews+13 (bt 1643 - 1645 - )
 4.Abigail Andrews14 (1646/47 - 1723)
Birth*say 1605He was born say 1605 at England (almost certainly)G.2 
Marriage*say 1628He married Mary Williams say 1628; (assuming that Mary was his first wife.)3,4 
before March 1637He and Mary Williams migrated to Plymouth Colony before March 1637 (when Henry Sr. was on a list of freemen of Cohannet, and assuming that he had married Mary before migrating.)5 
7 March 1637He was listed as a Freeman on 7 March 1637 at Cohannet, Massachusetts.5 
1638He was among the members of the Cohannet Purchase from Massasoit in 1638; members of the Cohannet Purchase from Massasoit.6 
4 December 1638He was admitted as a Freeman on 4 December 1638 at Taunton, Massachusetts.7 
11 April 1647He on 11 April 1647 received from the town the "calves pasture" of about 200 acres as payment for his building the first meeting house at Massachusetts.8 
13 March 1652He left a will on 13 March 1652 at Plymouth Colony.9 
Death*1653He died in 1653.10 
Inventory*10 February 1652/53His estate was inventoried by Henry Andrews on 10 February 1652/53 at Massachusetts.9 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    2. John Briant     17. Thomas Gilbert      32. William Phillips
    3. Mr. John Browne     18. John Gilbert      33. Mr. William Pole
    4. Richard Burt     19. John Gingell      34. The Widow Randall
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