Col. Josiah Ogden1

#11410, (circa 1679 - 17 May 1763)
Father*David Ogden1 (1639/40 - b 1691/92)
Mother*Elizabeth Swaine1 (1654 - a 1706)


Catharine Hardenbroeck b. s 1681
Children 1.Judge David Ogden+3 (1707 - 1798)
 2.Catharine Ogden3 (1709 - 1797)
 3.Mary Ogden3 (1711 - 1751)
Birth*circa 1679He was born circa 1679 at Newark, New Jersey.1 
Marriage*say 1702He married Catharine Hardenbroeck say 1702.2 
Death*17 May 1763He died on 17 May 1763 at New Jersey.1 
Burial*circa 20 May 1763He was buried circa 20 May 1763 at Trinity Episcopal Church, Newark, New Jersey.1 


  1. [S1083] William Ogden Wheeler, The Ogden Family in America (Elizabethtown Branch) and Their English Ancestry (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1897, 1907), 52-54. "Col. Josiah Ogden, the founder of Trinity Episcopal Church, died in 1763 at a ripe old age, and was buried in the old burying ground. Upon the breaking up of the latter, his tombstone was taken up and placed in the floor of the porch of the church, his brother David's being placed likewise on the opposite side. The inscription is as follows:
    "Here Lyes Interred
    ye body of
    Col. Josiah Ogden
    Who died May 17TH 1763
    In the 84TH year of his age."
  2. [S1083] William Ogden Wheeler, Ogden Family in America, 52-54. No dates are given for the births and deaths of Josiah's wives.
  3. [S1083] William Ogden Wheeler, Ogden Family in America, 52-54.