Elizabeth Swaine1

#11314, (24 April 1654 - after January 1706)
Father*Capt. Samuel Swaine2 (bt 1610 - 1624 - 1682)
Mother*____ _____

Family 1

Josiah Ward b. s 1642
Child 1.Samuel Ward4 (c 1669 - 1759)

Family 2

David Ogden b. 1639/40, d. b 1691/92
Children 1.Capt. David Ogden Jr.+1 (c 1678 - 1734)
 2.Col. Josiah Ogden+5 (c 1679 - 1763)
Her married name was Ward.3 
Her married name was Ogden.1 
Birth*24 April 1654She was born on 24 April 1654.1 
Marriage*circa 1667She married Josiah Ward, son of George Ward and ____ _____, circa 1667 at Newark, New Jersey.3 
Marriage*circa 1676She married David Ogden, son of John Ogden and Jane Bond, circa 1676.1 
Death*after January 1706She died after January 1706.1 


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    "Here Lyes Interred
    ye body of
    Col. Josiah Ogden
    Who died May 17TH 1763
    In the 84TH year of his age."