Humphrey Collins1

#12656, (say 1572 - November 1634)

Family 1

____ Wescott b. s 1575, d. b 1632
Children 1.Humphrey Collins Jr.6 (s 1602 - )
 2.Elizabeth Collins7 (s 1604 - )
 3.John Collins6 (s 1608 - )
 4.Mary Collins8 (s 1611 - )
 5.Martha Collins8 (1613 - )

Family 2

Mary Merwin b. s 1575, d. a 1648
Marriage*He married ____ Wescott, daughter of ____ Wescott and ____ _____.2 
Birth*say 1572He was born say 1572; (a yeoman of Clewer, Berks.)1 
Marriage*12 February 1631/32He married Mary Merwin, daughter of Thomas Merwin and ____ _____, on 12 February 1631/32 at New Windsor, Berkshire, EnglandG; each their 2nd.1 
7 March 1633/34He was named overseer in the Anthony Merwin's will dated 7 March 1633/34.3 
31 October 1634He left a will on 31 October 1634 at EnglandG.4 
Death*November 1634He died in November 1634 at EnglandG.5 
Probate*15 November 1634His estate was probated on 15 November 1634 at EnglandG.2 


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    Witnesses were Robert Lowe, Walter Merwen, Mary Collins, and john Laxton.
    Signed by mark and seal."
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    . . . to Humphry Collins my eldest son and his heirs my freehold and copyhold lands tenements and houses in Clewer.
    Item I give unto John Collins my youngest son and his heirs a messuage or tenement sometime called Peter Kings now in the occupation of John Wynch and a nine acre close of arable land lying near a place called Wolley greene in Bray, Berkshire.
    Item I give to my daughters Mary Collins and Martha Collins and their heirs my lands and tenements called by the names of Checkingham and Middlefield now in the occupation of the said John Wynch containing 24 acres more or less and one little cottage containing one rood of land now in the tenure of the said William Wynch or his assigns, which said tenements and cottage are situate in Bray aforesaid near unto said Wolley greene. If either or both of my daughters happen to die without issue, her or their part to remain to my eldest son Humfrey Collins and his heirs. My will is that my son-in-law Samuel Adkins shall receive the annuity or yearly rent charging £13 10s out of the said lands and tenements called Checkingham and Middlefield and the little cottage and orchard for the term of five years, or for a term of two years if Elizabeth my eldest daughter now wife of the said Samuel die before me or otherwise to take and enjoy the said lands tenements cottage and orchard according to a pair of Indentures dated 20 August 1633 made by me the said Humfry Collins and the said Samuel Adkins.
    Item I give to my son Humfry Collins and his assigns the lease of Brockhowse farm which I hold of Richard Lord Lovelace Baron of Hurley in Berkshire and my will is that my son Humfry Collins shall pay to John Collins my youngest son one annuity or yearly rent charge of £3 during the residue of term of years in said indenture of lease. My will is that Mary my now wife take to her own use all such goods as were her own before I was married unto her.
    Item I give to my two sons all my wearing apparrel.
    Item I give to my son John Collins all my work tools used about my occupation.
    Item I give to my said son Humfry Collins two tables.
    Item I give to my brother William Knight lands and tenements in the parishes of Pensom and Parshall in the county of Worcester.
    Item I give to Mary my wife my two leases of the house or houses in New Windsor where Walter Murwen or his assigns now dwells for the unexpired term of the said lease on condition that she pay or cause to be paid all such debts I stand engaged for my wife and do redeliver to me or my heirs an obligation of £30 dated 10 February 1631/2 for the payment of £40 of money unto Sara Tynker one of the daughters of my wife when she shall be 21 years of age, otherwise my bequest of the said two leases shall be of no force or effect. Whereas my wife in the time of her widowhood became bound unto me in one obligation in the sum of £100 of money dated ll February 1631/2 with condition that if the said Mary demand sue or recover any dower or thirds in my freehold lands and tenements if the said Mary marry and survive me the said Humfrey Collins as in the condition more at large appears my will is that if the said Mary perform the condition of the obligation then my bequest unto my wife concerning the two leases shall cease and be void.
    Item I give to Henry William and Elizabeth children of Henry Wescott my former wife’s brother 10s each, and to Thomas son of Robert Wescott my former wife"s godson 10s.
    Item I give to the poor of Clewer 20s.
    Item I give to my brother William Knight 50s whom together with my son-in-law Samuel Adkins I make my executors of this my will. All the rest of my goods leases debts chattles cattle and household stuff I give to Elizabeth Mary and Martha my three daughters to be divided between them. I do intreat Nathaniel Hawthorne of Cookham gentlemanm] John Winch aforesaid and Robert Wescott of Wolley aforesaid to be overseers and I give them 5s each to buy them gloves.
    Witnesses William Stevenson Senior, Walter Merwen, Thomas Hobbes, and Samuel Adkins [his mark].
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