____ _____

Relationship7th great-grandmother of Nelle Belle Bridges


Gerrit _____
Children 1.Guert Gerrits1 (bt 1620 - 1630 - c 1697)
 2.Jannetje Gerrits+1 (c 1632 - c 1670)
 3.Gessie Gerrits+ (bt 1642 - 1646 - c 1700)
Marriage*She married Gerrit _____
ChartsAncestors of Nelle Belle Bridges


  1. [S1344] Howard S. F. Randolph, "Tryntje Jacobs and Her Four Husbands", The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 56:3 (Jul 1925): p. 266. "Guert or Gerrit Gerritsen, came to this country from Zutphen, Holland. His sisters Jannetje and Geesje also emigrated, but it is not known if they all came together, and if their parents accompanied them, or not, though Jannetje seems to have come by herself in a ship of Judith Verleth’s."