Cornelis Van Vorst1

#17995, ( - 1638)
Cornelius Van Vorst, circa 1620. From Copyright information

Family 1

____ _____
Children 1.Jan Cornelisen Van Vorst6 (c 1615 - )
 2.Hendrick Cornelisen Van Vorst6 (s 1619 - s 1641)

Family 2

Vrouwtje Ides d. b 1641
Children 1.Annetje Cornelise Van Vorst+6 (s 1628 - 1725)
 2.Ide Cornelisen Van Vorst+1 (s 1630 - )
Cornelis van Vorst was superintendant for Michael Pauw's Pavonia [now Hudson County, NJ] plantation until Pauw (a Burgomaster of Amsterdam) conveyed the land back to the West India Company in May, 1634. (History of Jersey City p. 8). From Van Rensselaer Bowier manuscripts:
Contract between Kiliaen van Rensselaer and Michiel Pauw
March 10, 1634
Whereas Cornells van vorst, in the year 1633, by contract turned over three cows (two of which had been delivered to him by Bastiaen Ianssz Crol by order of Director Pieter minuict and the third by Andries Huddon from the farm of Pr Bijlevelt) to the new director, Wouter van Twiller, for the behoof of the colony of Mr Kiliaen van Rensselaer, the said Mr Rensselaer and M. Paauw, as patroon of Pavonia and for his director Cornelis van Vorst, for reasons them hereunto moving, have contracted and agreed as follows : that the contract between Director van Twiller and Cornells van Vorst shall both, qualiiate qua, be executed and held firm and the exchange be accepted; but that an estimate shall be made of how much the less the three cows which Cornells van Vorst received in return were worth at the time of the last delivery than the three cows which Director van Twiller received, without any further claim on either side being made regarding the past transaction, which difference in value shall be charged to Mr Rensselaer on condition that the money for the three cows purchased
by van Vorst shall be turned over to Mr Rensselaer; and, in case Cornells van Vorst has not [made] the payment there, that Director van Twiller as well as van Vorst be requested to make a statement thereof, signed by both of them, and send this to the respective patroons by the next ship. Done at Amsterdam, 10 March 1634. Was signed in the several hands well known to me, the notary: M Paauw, K V Rensselaer.
Concordat haec Copia cum originalj. Quod attesr. infrascriptus Publicus S. Imp. Curieque Hollandie authoritatibus Notarius Amstelmi. residens, hac die 13 Aprilis Ao. 1634.
[signed] J : vande Ven
Nots Pub.2,3
Cornelis Van Vorst was in New Netherland as early as 8 Sep 1634 ("Promisory note of Cornells van Vorst In favor of Mr. Cock," New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch translated by Arnold van Laer, Vol 1, p. 178). In History of Hudson County it is said that he may have been a brother of Jan Van Vorst, that his second wife was Vrouwtje Ides (without any dates) and gives the four children found here. Without other information, this work gives the first two known children of Cornelis (both born in The Netherlands) to his unidentified first wife and the later two children to Vrouwtje Ides. Both of these, Ide and Annetje, had children named Cornelis and Vrouwtje.4,5 
Marriage*say 1614He married ____ _____ say 1614 at NetherlandsG.6 
Marriage*He married Vrouwtje Ides at New NetherlandG.7 
Death*1638He died in 1638 at New NetherlandG.8 


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