William Stoughton1

#2529, (circa 1632 - 7 July 1701)
Relationship1st cousin 9 times removed of William David Lewis
Father*Israel Stoughton1 (c 1603 - 1645)
Mother*Elizabeth Knight1 (s 1606 - 1644)
William Stoughton, Chief Justice in the Salem Witch Courts
ca. 1700, artist not known
Harvard University Museums of Art, Cambridge, Massachusetts
The witchcraft trials at Salem took place during his term as Chief Justice.2 
Birth*circa 1632He was born circa 1632 at England or New EnglandG.1 
17 July 1644In Israel Stoughton's will dated 17 July 1644, William Stoughton was named as an heir.3,4 
1650He was graduated in 1650 from Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts.5 
between 1651 and 1661He lived approx. Between 1651 and 1661 at EnglandG.5 
30 June 1653He was graduated on 30 June 1653 from New College, Oxford, England, with a Masters degree.5 
between 1670 and 1686He was an Assistant in the General Court between 1670 and 1686 at MassachusettsG.2 
Marriage3 November 1681 Mary Harris and Nicholas Lawrence were married by William Stoughton on 3 November 1681 at Dorchester, Massachusetts Colony.6 
between 1686 and 1692He was Chief Justice in the General Court between 1686 and 1692 at MassachusettsG.7 
1692He was named as Lieutenant-Governor under Gov. Phips in 1692 at MassachusettsG.2 
between 1694 and 1701He was Acting Governor (exc. 1699-1700 when the Earl of Bellamont was in Boston) between 1694 and 1701 at MassachusettsG.2 
Death*7 July 1701He died on 7 July 1701 at Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MassachusettsG.8,1 


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