Sgt. John Ward Sr.1,2,3

#2678, (circa 1625 - November 1694)
Father*Richard Ward4 ( - c 1635)
Mother*Joyce _____4

Family 1

Sarah Hill
Children 1.Jonathan Ward16 (c 1647 - )
 2.John Ward Jr.+16 (1650 - 1695)
 3.Sarah Ward16 (1651/52 - )
 4.Mary Ward16 (1654 - 1738)
 5.Nathaniel Ward16 (1656 - 1731/32)
 6.Elizabeth Ward16 (1660 - )
 7.Dorcas Ward16 (1662 - 1738/39)
 8.Abigail Ward16 (1665 - )
 9.Deborah Ward+16 (c 1667 - )
 10.Phoebe Ward16 (1669 - )

Family 2

Child 1.Hannah Ward+1 (1658 - 1693)

Family 3

Hannah Crane b. c 1639
It is suggested that all of John Sr.'s children were by his first wife, Sarah.5 
Sgt. John known as John Sr. to distinguish him from John Jr., the Turner, not his son.3 
Birth*circa 1625He was born circa 1625 at EnglandG; named as "sixth son."6,7 
22 April 1635In Richard Ward's will dated 22 April 1635 at Stretton, Rutland, EnglandG, Sgt. John Ward Sr. was named as an heir, when he reaches age twenty-one.8 
15 November 1640In Joyce _____'s will dated 15 November 1640, Sgt. John Ward Sr. was named as an heir.9 
Marriage*say 1647He married Sarah Hill say 1647; or, poss., Mary, dau. of Henry Lyon.10,11 
1666/67He of Branford was a signer of The Newark Covenant in 1666/67; The Newark Covenant.12,13 
Marriage*after 1669He married Hannah Crane, daughter of Jasper Crane and Alice _____, after 1669.14 
31 October 1694He left a will on 31 October 1694 at Newark, New Jersey.15 
Death*November 1694He died in November 1694 at New Jersey.2 


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    Imprs. I give to foure of my sonnes, that is to say, Anthony Ward, to Willie Ward, Robert Ward, & John Ward, ech of the a pare of sheets, and to my eldest sonne Edward, I give unto him twelve pence of mony; furthermore, I make my sonne in law John Flecher my whole and sole Executor, to pay and discharge all those debts, legaces wch I am bownd to prforme, and for to see my body brought to the ground in a decent manner. Memorand : that I, Joyce Ward, have left my sonne Roberts portion wch his father gave him, wch is (£20) twenty pound, in England, in the hands of my sonne Edward Ward ; I have made Mr. Wollersloue. of Clipsum, in England, in the County of Rutland, my Atturny, for to receave yt for my vse ; if he have gott yt there, my son Robert shall have the whole twenty pound ; but if yt be not gotten, then the six pound wch I paid for the putting out of the saide Robert Ward to Apprentice, shall be prte of that twenty pound.
    Joyce Ward her mark
    Witness : Nathaniel Dickinson
    Roger Prichat."
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    The covenant came after years of planning and negotiating by New Haven Colony dissidents opposed to the union with the Connecticut Colony. The covenant was first signed, on 30 Oct 1666, by the Branford members, twenty-three in number:
    1. Jasper Crane 13. Ebenezer Camfield
    2. Abra. Peirson.      14. John Ward, Senior
    3. Sam'l Swaine      15. Ed. Ball
    4. Laurance Ward      16. John Harrison
    6. Thomas Blacthly* 17. John Crane
    6. Samuel Plum      18. Thos. Huntington
    7. .losiah Ward      19. Delivered Crane
    8. Samuel Rose      20. Aaron Blacthly
    9. Thomas Peirson      21. Richard Laurence
    10. John Warde      22. John Johnson
    11. John Catling      23. Thomas L. Lyon [his mark]
    12. Richard Harrison

    This was followed on 24 Jun 1667 by the subscription to the document by forty-one members from Milford:
    1. Robert Treat.          22. Thom. Johnson          
    2. Obadiah Bruen.          23. John Curtis.          
    3. Matthew Camfield     24. Ephraim Burwell.               
    4. Samuell Kitchell          25. Robert R. Dennison. [his mark]          
    5. Jeremiah Pecke          26. Nathaniel Wheeler.          
    6. Michael Tompkins     27. Zachariah Burwell.
    7. Stephen Freeman 28. William Campe.
    8. Henry Lyon,          29. Joseph Walters.          
    9. John Browne          30. Robert Dalglish.               
    10. John Rutgers [Rogers].     31. Hauns Albers.          
    11. Stephen Davis.          32. Thomas Morris.          
    12. Edward Rigs.          33. Hugh Roberts.          
    13. Robert Kitchell           34. Eph'm Pennington          
    14. J. n. Brooks [his mark].     35. Martin Tichenor          
    15. Robert v. Lymens. [his mark] 36. John Browne, Jr               
    16. Francis f. Linle. [his mark]     37 Jona. Seargeant.          
    17. Daniel Tichenor.     38. Azariah Crane               
    18. John Bauldwin, Sen.     39. Samuel Lyon.
    19. John Bauldwin, Jr. 40. Joseph Riggs.
    20. Jona. Timipkins. 41. Stephen Bond
    21. Geo. Day     

    The document read thus:
    "1st. - That none shall lie admitted freemen or free Burgesses within our Town upon Passaick River, in the Province of Jersey, but such Planters as are members of some or other of the Congregational Churches, nor shall any but such be chosen to Magistracy or to Carry on any part of said Civil Judicature, or as deputies or assistants, to have power to Vote in establishing Laws, and making or repealing them, or to any Chief Military Trust or Office. Nor shall any But such Church Members have any Vote in such election. Tho all others admitted to be planters have right to their proper Inheritance, and do and shall enjoy all other Civil Liberties, Privileges, according to all Laws, Orders, Grants which are, or hereafter shall be made for this Town."

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    N.J. Archives, XXL, p. 216, and Essex Wills"

    3John Ward, senior, or Sergeant (in 1672 Lieutenant) Ward. Understood to have been a son of Joyce Ward, widow.". Hereinafter cited as Documents Relating to the History of the New Jersey.
  16. [S931] Richard W. Cook, "John Ward of Newark", has ten and poss. eleven children given here. Atwater/Smith History of New Haven Supplement has nine (missing Jonathan and Phoebe). Branford VR has the same nine as well as another John, b. 29 Mar 1654, a second Abigail, b. 4 Jan 1658 [poss. /59], both with John as father; Branford VR also has Samwell s. John b. 22 Sep 1656, and Josias s. John b. 19 Jan 1661 [poss. /62]. For these last two, Atwater/Smith has as "probably" sons of George Ward (without giving a date of birth) but George d. 7 Apr. 1653.