Sarah Hill1,2



Sgt. John Ward Sr. b. c 1625, d. 1694
Children 1.Jonathan Ward5 (c 1647 - )
 2.John Ward Jr.+5 (1650 - 1695)
 3.Sarah Ward5 (1651/52 - )
 4.Mary Ward5 (1654 - 1738)
 5.Nathaniel Ward5 (1656 - 1731/32)
 6.Elizabeth Ward5 (1660 - )
 7.Dorcas Ward5 (1662 - 1738/39)
 8.Abigail Ward5 (1665 - )
 9.Deborah Ward+5 (c 1667 - )
 10.Phoebe Ward5 (1669 - )
It is suggested that all of John Sr.'s children were by his first wife, Sarah.3 
Her married name was Ward.1 
Marriage*say 1647She married Sgt. John Ward Sr., son of Richard Ward and Joyce _____, say 1647; or, poss., Mary, dau. of Henry Lyon.1,4 


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