John Baldwin1

#2890, (say 1570 - before 14 October 1637)
Relationship1st cousin 10 times removed of William David Lewis
Father*Henry Baldwin1 (s 1528 - bt 1600 - 1602)
Mother*Alice _____1 (s 1538 - 1626)


Hannah _____ b. s 1575
Children 1.Agnes Baldwin1 (s 1596 - )
 2.Richard Baldwin1 (s 1598 - 1634)
 3.John Baldwin1 (s 1600 - )
 4.Martha Baldwin1 (s 1602 - )
 5.Mary Baldwin1 (s 1604 - )
Birth*say 1570He was born say 1570 at EnglandG.2 
Marriage*say 1595He married Hannah _____ say 1595.1 
2 January 1599/0In Henry Baldwin's will dated 2 January 1599/0, John Baldwin was named as an heir, given four crofts in Wendover called "Stybbings" and £10.2,3 
4 June 1622In Alice _____'s will dated 4 June 1622, her son John Baldwin was named as co-executor and heir, of £20.4 
18 February 1632/33He witnessed the will of Richard Baldwin on 18 February 1632/33 at Dundridge Manor, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, EnglandG; as "Richard Baldwin, of Dun-Dridge...Yeoman."5 
Death*before 14 October 1637He died before 14 October 1637 at Chesham, Buckinghamshire, EnglandG.6 


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