Alice _____

#2887, (say 1538 - 21 November 1626)


Henry Baldwin b. s 1528, d. bt 1600 - 1602
Children 1.Richard Baldwin6 (s 1562 - c 1636)
 2.Sylvester Baldwin+6 (s 1564 - b 1632/33)
 3.Jane Baldwin+6 (s 1567 - b 1622)
 4.John Baldwin+6 (s 1570 - b 1637)
 5.Robert Baldwin+6 (s 1573 - )
 6.Mary Baldwin+6 (s 1576 - )
 7.Agnes Baldwin+6 (1579 - b 1632/33)
Alice _____ was also known as King (poss.)1 
Her married name was Baldwin. 
Birth*say 1538She was born say 1538.2 
Marriage*say 1560She married Henry Baldwin, son of Richard Baldwin and Ellen Apuke, say 1560 at EnglandG.3 
4 June 1622She left a will on 4 June 1622 at Dundridge Manor, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, EnglandG.4 
Death*21 November 1626She died on 21 November 1626; est. date.5 
Burial23 November 1626She was buried on 23 November 1626 at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, EnglandG.6 
Probate*14 December 1626Her estate was probated on 14 December 1626 at Court of the Archdeaconry, Buckinghamshire, EnglandG.6 


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