Valentine Haefner1

#20022, (circa 1783 - )
Father*Thomas Haefner2
Mother*Anna Margaretha Pfeifer2 (c 1761 - )


Priscilla Burch b. c 1785, d. b 1870
Children 1.Joseph Walter Haefner+16 (c 1812 - 1861)
 2.Teresa Haefner+1 (c 1813 - b 1864)
 3.Mary Ann Haefner+17 (c 1820 - c 1851)
 4.Barbara Haefner+16 (1822 - 1903)
Information on the European hstory of Valentine Haefner was provided by Alexander Karpf, author of the article "From Sommerau into the World: The Success Story of the Pfeier's." It is believed but not certain that these facts pertain to the same person.3 
Birth*circa 1783He was born circa 1783 at Hofthiergarten-Stadtprozelten, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, GermanyG.3,1 
January 1805He and Andreas Fuchs removed to Amsterdam, Netherlands, in January 1805.4 
Baptism9 November 1806He sponsored the baptism of Emil V Pfeifer on 9 November 1806 at Kerk de Krijtberg, Amsterdam, Netherlands.5 
Marriage*18 January 1808He married Priscilla Burch, daughter of Walter Burch and Theresa Hagan, on 18 January 1808 at Nelson Co., KentuckyG.6 
1810He and Priscilla Burch appeared on the census of 1810 at Nelson Co., KentuckyG.7 
circa 1814He was a private in the War of 1812 (poss.) circa 1814.8 
Marriage28 July 1840He witnessed the marriage of Teresa Haefner and John H Casey on 28 July 1840 at St. James's Church, Potosi, Breton Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG.9,10 
13 November 1850He and Priscilla Burch appeared on the census of 13 November 1850 at Potosi, Breton Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG; (neis. John H and Theresa Casey, fam. 1083; Joseph and Ellen Haefner, fam. 1067.)1 
Baptism1 January 1858He sponsored the baptism of Mary Pauline Haefner on 1 January 1858 at St. Joachim's Church, Old Mines, Washington Co., MissouriG.11 
16 June 1860He and Priscilla Burch appeared on the census of 16 June 1860 at Potosi, Washington Co., MissouriG.12 
17 February 1864In Teresa Haefner's will dated 17 February 1864, Valentine Haefner was named as executor.13 
Marriage9 February 1868He witnessed the marriage of Isabella Quigley and Joseph W Haefner on 9 February 1868.14 
26 July 1870He appeared on the census of 26 July 1870 in the household of Ellen Casey at Breton Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG, age 88, b. Austria.15 


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