Mary Elizabeth Robinson1,2

#4115, (1769 - 4 April 1856)


Job Downen Sr b. bt 1765 - 1768, d. 1842
Children 1.Joseph Downen+1,2 (c 1791 - )
 2.Jane Downen1,2 (1792 - )
 3.Rebecca Downen+1,2 (1794 - )
 4.Margaret Downen9 (1800 - 1844)
 5.Joel Downen1,2 (c 1801 - )
 6.Martha Downen+1,2 (c 1803 - 1877)
 7.Johnson Downen10 (1805 - 1855)
 8.Elizabeth Downen+1,2 (c 1808 - 1895)
 9.Job Downen Jr+1,2 (1809 - 1862)
 10.David Robinson Downen+1,2 (1813 - 1896)
Birth*1769She was born in 1769 at South CarolinaG.1,2 
Marriage*circa 1790She married Job Downen Sr, son of Josiah Downen and Mary Elizabeth Smith, circa 1790 at South CarolinaG.1,2 
1792 As of 1792,her married name was Downen.3,4 
circa October 1796She and Job Downen Sr removed to Logan (later Christian, now Muhlenberg) Co., KentuckyG, circa October 1796.5 
1811She and Job Downen Sr removed in 1811 Knox County (now Posey Co.) Indiana (5 brothers and families). Need to check if Jane, Rebecca, Joel moved at the same time. Bio of David Robinson Downen has him b. in KY, removed to IN ca. 1823.6 
1830She and Job Downen Sr appeared on the census of 1830 at Robinson Twp., Posey Co., IndianaG; (neis. Frederick Utley; William Utley; Samuel Oliver.)7 
24 July 1850She appeared on the census of 24 July 1850 in the household of William Barter and Elizabeth Downen at Mount Vernon, Posey Co., IndianaG, age 81, b. SC.8 
Death*4 April 1856She died on 4 April 1856 at Posey Co., IndianaG.2 


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