Mary Ward1

#4329, (circa 1598 - circa February 1663/64)
Relationship8th great-grandaunt of William David Lewis
Father*Edward Ward1 (c 1574 - b 1620/21)
Mother*Judith _____1 (s 1565 - a 1626)

Family 1

Capt. John Cutting b. s 1595, d. 1659
Children 1.John Cutting Jr.+9 (s 1620 - )
 2.Mary Cutting+1 (s 1622 - )
 3.Sara Cutting+1 (s 1632 - )

Family 2

Rev. John Miller b. s 1595, d. 1663
Her married name was Miller.2 
Her married name was Cutting.1 
Some works name a third daughter, Judith. On this see the entry for Judith, first wife of James Browne, husband of their daughter Sara.3 
Birth*circa 1598She was born circa 1598 at EnglandG.1 
Marriage*13 August 1619She married Capt. John Cutting on 13 August 1619 at St. Stephen Church, Ipswich, Suffolk, EnglandG.1,4 
9 January 1620/21In Edward Ward's will dated 9 January 1620/21, Mary Ward was named as an heir.5 
22 March 1626In Susan Ward's will dated 22 March 1626, Mary Ward was named as an heir, as "sister Mary Cutting"; (prob. 1627, new style, if burial date is accurate; Lydia and Nathaniel not mentioned.)6 
circa 1636 Circa 1636, Mary Ward and Capt. John Cutting migrated to Massachusetts ColonyG.2 
circa 1639She and Capt. John Cutting removed to Newbury, Massachusetts Colony, circa 1639.2 
between 1648 and 1651She and Capt. John Cutting removed to Charlestown (now Boston), Middlesex (now Suffolk) Co., Massachusetts ColonyG, between 1648 and 1651.2 
before 1656She and Capt. John Cutting removed to Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts ColonyG, before 1656.2 
22 October 1659In Capt. John Cutting's will dated 22 October 1659, Mary Ward was named as an heir.7 
Marriage*before May 1662She married Rev. John Miller before May 1662.2 
27 May 1662Mary Ward transferred real estate to Sara Cutting on 27 May 1662.2 
26 November 1663She left a will on 26 November 1663 at Essex Co., Massachusetts ColonyG.8 
Death*circa February 1663/64She died circa February 1663/64 at Essex Co., Massachusetts ColonyG.8 
Inventory6 March 1663/64Her estate was inventoried by Mary Ward on 6 March 1663/64 at Essex Co., Massachusetts ColonyG.8 
Probate*29 March 1664Her estate was probated on 29 March 1664 at Ipswich Court, Essex Co., Massachusetts ColonyG.8 


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    (Mem. Perhaps for "Leonard," above, we should read Edward. — H. F. W.)
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    - James Browne, "son," named executor
    - dau. Mary, wife of Nicholas Noyes "my son"
    - grandchild Mary Moody, wife of Samuel Moody
    - Benjamin Roafe, Henry Tewksbury and John Davis, debtors to Mary Miller
    - Anthony Somerby and Henry Short, witnesses
    Proved in Ipswich Court, 29 Mar 1664 by the witnesses. Inventory 6 Mar 1663/64.
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