Samuel Pitts1

#5071, (circa 1656 - before 6 February 1695/96)
Relationship6th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*Peter Pitts1 (1625 - b 1692/93)
Mother*Mary Andrews1 (c 1629 - )


Sarah Babbitt b. 1657/58
Children 1.Sarah Pitts7 (1681 - )
 2.Mary Pitts7 (1683 - )
 3.Samuel Pitts Jr.7 (1685 - )
 4.Henry Pitts+7 (1687 - 1764)
 5.Abigail Pitts7 (1689 - )
 6.Peter Pitts7 (1692 - )
 7.Ebenezer Pitts7 (1694 - )
Birth*circa 1656He was born circa 1656 at Dighton, Bristol Co., MassachusettsG; (Tracking a Founding Family has 1656.)1 
Marriage*25 March 1680He married Sarah Babbitt, daughter of Edward Bobit and Sarah Tarne, on 25 March 1680 at Taunton, Bristol Co., MassachusettsG.2 
9 June 1692In Peter Pitts's will dated 9 June 1692, Samuel Pitts was named as an heir.3,4 
Death*before 6 February 1695/96He died before 6 February 1695/96 at Bristol Co., MassachusettsG.5 
Probate*6 June 1701His estate was probated on 6 June 1701 at Bristol Co., MassachusettsG; division of estate.6 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    [Typically, twenty-one years would be the required age to receive an inheritance, and so the practice was to make a bequeath that would occur when the minor "comes of age." Although there may be exceptions, the language of this will giving substantial assets, including a half-share in the iron works, would make it certain that all of Peter's children were "of age" at the time he wrote his will. VWH]
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