Elizabeth Johnson1

#5654, (circa 1631 - )
Relationship6th great-grandaunt of William David Lewis
Father*John Johnson1 (c 1609 - a 1683)
Mother*Susan _____1 (c 1611 - 1683)
Birth*circa 1631She was born circa 1631 at Strood, Co. Kent, EnglandG.2,1 
Baptism1 November 1631She was baptized on 1 November 1631 at Strood, Co. Kent, EnglandG.2 
July 1635She accompanied John Johnson and Susan _____ in July 1635 from England, aboard the James (second voyage) from Strood to Massachusetts Bay ColonyG as "Eliza[beth] Johnson", age 2, enrolled at London.1,3,2 


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    This table details the roll of passengers of the James, which sailed from London, late July, 1635, bound for New England. The ship arrived safe at Massachusetts Bay, although some of the persons listed below may not have arrived. This information was transcribed in the 19th century by James Savage from records found in London, at the Augmentation Office, Rolls Court, Westminster.
    Added to roll 17 Jul 1635:
    John Johnson, age 26, no. 42
    Suzan Johnson, age 24, no. 43
    Elizabeth Johnson, age 2, no. 44
    Thomas Johnson, age 18 mow., no. 45
    Edmund Bridges was on the same voyage, roll #14
    http://www.winthropsociety.com/ships/james2.htm [pop-up, access via ship voyages].
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