Laurentia Kellemaar1

#6354, (circa 1653 - 3 May 1703)
Father*____ Kellemaar2
Mother*____ _____2

Family 1

Dom. Laurentius Van Gaasbeek b. s 1650, d. 1680
Children 1.Jacomyntje Van Gaasbeek+4 (1673 - 1741)
 2.Maria Van Gaasbeek4 (1674 - )
 3.Abraham Van Gaasbeek4 (1679 - 1759)

Family 2

Thomas Chambers b. s 1620, d. 1694

Family 3

Wessel Ten Broeck d. b 1704/5
Laurentia Kellemaar was also known as Kellenaar (variant.)3 
Her married name was Van Gaasbeek.1 
Her married name was Chambers.1 
Birth*circa 1653She was born circa 1653.2 
Marriage*28 May 1673She married Dom. Laurentius Van Gaasbeek, son of Goevert Van Gaasbeek and Jacomyntje _____, on 28 May 1673 at NetherlandsG.1 
between 13 May 1678 and 21 August 1678She and Dom. Laurentius Van Gaasbeek migrated to New Amsterdam, New Netherland, from Amsterdam between 13 May 1678 and 21 August 1678.4 
September 1678She and Dom. Laurentius Van Gaasbeek removed to Kingston, Ulster Co., New YorkG, in September 1678.4 
Marriage*before April 1681She married Thomas Chambers before April 1681 at New YorkG; Laurentia was the wife of Thomas at the April 1681 bapt. of Mattys, son of Mattys and Tjatje; Laurentia was also named "Chambers" at the bapts. of Wessel, son of her dau. Jacomyntje and of Laurentia, dau. of her dau. Maria. Marr. site not found.5,1 
Baptism24 April 1681She witnessed the baptism of Mattys Van Keuren on 24 April 1681 at Ulster Co., New YorkG.5,6 
Baptism28 November 1686She witnessed the baptism of Johannes Ten Broeck on 28 November 1686 at Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New YorkG.7 
Baptism2 June 1695She witnessed the baptism of Wessel Ten Broeck III on 2 June 1695 at Ulster Co., New YorkG.8 
26 September 1695 As of 26 September 1695,her married name was Ten Broeck.3 
Marriage*26 September 1695She married Wessel Ten Broeck on 26 September 1695 at Ulster Co., New YorkG.3 
Death*3 May 1703She died on 3 May 1703 at Ulster Co., New YorkG.4 


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