Remember Ellis1

#7258, (1735 - 15 September 1795)
Relationship2nd cousin 6 times removed of William David Lewis
Father*Richard Ellis1 (1704 - 1797)
Mother*Jane Phillips1 (1709 - c 1760)


Ebenezer Smith b. 1734, d. 1824
Children 1.Irene Smith4 (1757 - 1834)
 2.Preserved Smith4 (1759 - 1834)
 3.Jemima Smith+5 (1761 - 1835)
 4.Rhoda Smith4 (1762 - 1855)
 5.Obed Smith4 (1770 - 1828)
 6.Richard Smith4 (1774 - 1800)
Birth*1735She was born in 1735 at Easton, Bristol Co., MassachusettsG.1 
circa 1740She removed with Richard Ellis and Jane Phillips to Ashfield (then Huntstown), Franklin Co., MassachusettsG, circa 1740 from Easton, becoming the first permanent settlers there.2 
circa 1745She removed with Richard Ellis and Jane Phillips circa 1745 to Ashfield.2 
Marriage*1 July 1756She married Ebenezer Smith, son of Chileab Smith and Sarah Moody, on 1 July 1756 at Ashfield, Massachusetts.3 
Death*15 September 1795She died on 15 September 1795 at Ashfield, New York.3 


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