Margery Baker1

#7266, (say 1592 - between 11 February 1655 and 1 August 1657)
Relationship8th great-grandmother of William David Lewis
Father*Nicholas Baker1 (s 1592 - )


Thomas Nash b. s 1592, d. 1658
Children 1.Mary Nash+6 (s 1614 - 1683)
 2.Maj. John Nash+6 (s 1616 - 1687)
 3.Sarah Nash+6 (s 1619 - )
 4.Sgt. Joseph Nash+6 (s 1623 - bt 1676 - 1678)
 5.Lt. Timothy Nash+1 (1626 - 1699)
Birth*say 1592She was born say 1592 at EnglandG.1 
say 1613 As of say 1613,her married name was Nash.1 
Marriage*say 1613She married Thomas Nash, son of Bindley Nash, say 1613 at EnglandG.1 
26 July 1637She and Thomas Nash migrated to Boston, Massachusetts, from England, on the Hector or her unnamed companion vessel on 26 July 1637.2 
March 1638She and Thomas Nash removed by ship in March 1638 to Quinnipiac (now New Haven), New Haven Colony.3 
circa 1640She and Thomas Nash lived circa 1640 at Lot No. 3, 1.5 acres, on State Street, New Haven, Connecticut.4 
Death*between 11 February 1655 and 1 August 1657She died between 11 February 1655 and 1 August 1657 at New Haven, Connecticut.5 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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