Lt. Timothy Nash1

#7070, (1626 - 13 March 1699)
Relationship7th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*Thomas Nash2 (s 1592 - 1658)
Mother*Margery Baker3 (s 1592 - bt 1655 - 1657)


Rebekah Stone b. s 1636, d. 1709
Children 1.Rebekah Nash1 (1657/58 - d. y.)
 2.Samuel1 Nash1 (1659/60 - 1668)
 3.Thomas Nash Sr.+1 (c 1661 - 1727/28)
 4.Joseph Nash1 (1663/64 - 1740)
 5.Timothy Nash Jr.1 (c 1665 - )
 6.John Nash+1 (1667 - 1743)
 7.Samuel Nash1 (1669 - 1738)
 8.Hope Nash+1 (1670 - a 1713)
 9.Ebenezer Nash+1 (1673 - 1748)
 10.Daniel Nash+1 (1676 - 1760)
 11.Ephraim Nash+1 (1682 - 1759)
 12.Mary Nash1 (s 1684 - 1687)
Pp. 271ff:
"December the 5th one thousand six hundred and ninety eight, in the tenth year of the reigne of William y III of England, Scotland. France & Ireland King, defender of the Faith &o I Timothy Nash of Hadley in the County of Hampshire, in New England, being weak of body but of a sound mynde and memory, praised be God for it: Knowing the uncertaintie of my present life, being desirous to settle that outward estate y Lord of his goodness hath lent me, not knowing how it may please the Lord to deale with me, Doe therefore make and ordaine this to be my last will and testament, in manner and form as folio weth, that is to say:
First, I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my Creator, hoping to receive full pardon of all my sins, and Salvation through the alone merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer, and my body I committ to the earth to be buried in a decent manner: and touching such earthly estate the Lord hath lent me, my will & meaneing is the same shall be imployed and bestowed as is hereafter in my Will expressed, hereby revokeing and reverssing & makeing voyde all former Wills and testaments by me made, and appointe this to be my last Will & Testiment. I will and hereby ordaine that all debts and dues that are justly due &. of right to any person or persons whatsoever, be truly payd or ordered to be payd in some convenient tvme after my decease by my executors hereafter named, and after my due debts and funerall [charges?] are discharged, or ordered to be discharged as aforesaid :
Imp'rs I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Rebecca one third part of all my moveable estate of household stuff, stock or other goods belonging to my estate, that properly goe under the name of moveable estate, to be at her free and absolute dispose for ever, Alsoe one half of the use of my dwellng house & selleridge for the term of her widowhood. Alsoe one third part of the produce or incomes of all my lands (except what I have and doe by these give unto my son Thomas Nash.) & one third part of the ortchard and gardens. Alsoe I give unto her one cow to be keept and maintained with summer & winter meate. IVly meaneing is she shall have one cow made good to her so that she may have one made good to her all the term of her widdowhood, provided she doth not make sale of any till said term be out. Alsoe I give her one full years provisions after my decease out of my estate, alsoe I give her the freedom ofall rates and taxes, & repairs of houseing or fences belonging to that part of houseing or lands she hath the use of as abovesaid, whicn is for the term of Widdowhood only. I also bequeath unto my loving wife Rebecca the full & just sum of ten pounds one half in or as current pay : this I give her as a speciall gift to be at her own absolute dispose: Alsoe the other half to be payd to her in money current of New England.
It. I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Nash of Hatfield all my lands lying and being on the west side of the great River, of which three acres lyes in the meadow commonly called Great Ponset, bounded by land of Philip Smith's northeast, and land ofNathaniel Dickinson's southwest, be it more or less. Alsoe three acres in Little Ponsett meadow, bounded by land of Samuel Churche's east, and land of William Pixley's west, be it more or less: As alsoe all other rights of land or that may grow to be of right home on the west side of the Great River. Alsoe I give him all that I did lay out in labour or otherwise in Hatfield, with several other things that my said son had of me at the tyme of his marriage ; all which I value at one hundred. & twenty two pounds. Alsoe I give him five pounds in and as current pay out of my estate, to be payd him by executors hereafter named, all which shall be his portion and no more.
It. I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Nash, the houseing, barns & other edifices I now live in, with four acres of the homelot on the north side of it, running from the front to the reare of it; alsoe I give him half of my mowing lot in ye skirts of Hoccanum by an equalldivission, so as may be most conveynient for him and they y' have the other half oi said lott ; the divission to be made by my executors hereafter named ; and alsoe to enable my Executors to perform this my Will, I leave and give liberty to them to dispose three of my lots in ye great meadow and plane as bounded by record in Hadley Town Book, as also all my land at Batchellder's River to be disposed to any of my sons that see cause to have it and make payment, to perform the payment of these my legacies or debts and Joseph to perform ihe dispose of a cow to his Mother.
It. I give and bequeath to my son Timothy Nash twenty pounds besides what I have already given him.
It. I give and bequeath to my son John Nash, my lot in Hoccanum, bound betwixt Chilial Smith's & Joseph Baldwin's land; which lot if it amounts not to ye full vallue of twenty pounds, what is wanting shall be made up or payd to him out of my other estate by my executors hereafter named.
It. I give and bequeath to my son Samuel Nash the remainder of my Houselot in Hadley, on which I now dwell the south side of it, & alsoe I give him the other part of my mowing lot at the skirts of Hoccanum by divission for most conveniency for him & Joseph to whome I have given the other half: Alsoe I give him my lot called the Hedne lot, all which will make up together with the aforesaid gifts to the full sum ot thirtie pounds.
It. I give and bequeath to my son Ebenezer Nash half my lot in the Fort Meadow, & half my skirt lots there to the value of twenty pounds, which if that falls short, it is to be made up to him by my executors out of my estate.
It. I give to my son Daniel Nash twenty pounds besides what I have already given to him.
It. I give to my son Ephraim Nash Thirtie pounds, to be in the other half of my lot in the Fort Meadow, and the skirt lots there belonging to said Meadow.
It. I give to my daughter Hope Werner, twenty pounds, which shall not be disposed without the consent of my Executors. It. I dispose & give my plane lot on the east side of the town, to be equally divided to my four sons Joseph Nash, Samuel Nash, Ebenezer Nash and Ephraim Nash, to be divided as may be most conveynient for all of them by my Executors.
It. I give and bequeath unto my two sons Joseph Nash and Samuel Nash, my part of the Saw-Milne on Stony River, they having been helpful to me in my old age, which shall not be put into my inventory of my estate.
It. I doe hereby ord er and dispose all the remainder of my estate, either personall or reall, that may be over & above, for the performance and payment of my abovesaid debts, dues, or legacies ; I order and hereby ordaine that it shall be divided & disposed to my beloved wile Rebecca & to all my aforenamed children according to the sum of each one's proportion abovesaid, and if my estate fall short of performance of the abovementioned bequeathments, then to be abated upon every ones proportion by the same rule, & all the repairs of Housing or fencings to be done by them that enjoy them.
I ordaine constitute & appointe my beloved wife Rebecca Nash, & my loveing son Joseph Nash, to be joynt executors of this my last Will & testiment : And that this is my last Will & testiment, I do subscribe & seale this Instrunient this 10th day of March, Anno Domini 1698-9.
Signed, sealed in. ye presence of
Samuel Porter
Daniel Marsh
Samuel Barnard
Samuel Patrigg.

Timothy Nash and a.4
He was a blacksmith.5 
Birth*1626He was born in 1626 at England or NetherlandsG.1 
26 July 1637He accompanied Thomas Nash and Margery Baker on 26 July 1637 from England, on the Hector or her unnamed companion vessel to Boston, Massachusetts.6 
March 1638He removed with Thomas Nash and Margery Baker to Quinnipiac (now New Haven), New Haven Colony, in March 1638 by ship.7 
4 March 1654He was admitted as a Freeman on 4 March 1654 at New Haven Colony, Connecticut.1 
Marriage*circa 1657He married Rebekah Stone, daughter of Rev. Samuel Stone and ____ _____, circa 1657 at Connecticut.1 
between 23 April 1660 and 11 February 1661He and Rebekah Stone removed between 23 April 1660 and 11 February 1661 Hartford, Connecticut.8 
1663He and Rebekah Stone removed in 1663 Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.9 
1690, 1691 and 1695He was representative for the Town of Hadley at the General Court of Massachusetts 1690, 1691 and 1695.8 
5 December 1698He left a will on 5 December 1698 at Hadley, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG, (text below.)10 
Death*13 March 1699He died on 13 March 1699 at Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.1 
Probate*7 April 1699His estate was probated on 7 April 1699 at Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.10 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    2. That the Towne be at the charge to bring up his Iron, tooles, and Household stuffe at this time now he hath for his remoovall.
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