Elizabeth Tapp1

#7280, ( - 1 May 1676)


Maj. John Nash b. s 1616, d. 1687
Children 1.Elizabeth Nash2 (c 1646 - 1687)
 2.Sarah Nash2 (c 1649 - 1716)
 3.Mary Nash2 (1652 - )
 4.Hannah Nash+2 (1655 - 1707/8)
circa 1645 As of circa 1645,her married name was Nash.1 
Marriage*circa 1645She married Maj. John Nash, son of Thomas Nash and Margery Baker, circa 1645 at New Haven, Connecticut.1 
Death*1 May 1676She died on 1 May 1676 at Connecticut.1 


  1. [S736] George P. Allen, compiler, A History and Genealogical Record of the Alling--Allens of New Haven, Conn. (New Haven, CT: Press of the Price, Lee & Adkins Co., 1890), p. 23: "There is no record of his marriage, but as, in his will, he makes allusion to a legacy left to his daughters, by their grandfather Tapp, it is supposed that his wife was the daughter of Edmund Tapp, Esq. of Milford, Conn....Mrs. Elizabeth Nash, the wife of John Nash."
  2. [S736] George P. Allen, History of the Alling--Allens, p. 23.