Samuel Belding1

#7439, (circa 1632 - 3 January 1713)
Relationship6th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*Richard Belding2 (c 1591 - )
Mother*Margaret Ackrenden3 (s 1600 - )

Family 1

Mary _____ b. c 1633, d. 1677
Children 1.Mary Belding1 (1655 - )
 2.Samuel Belding Jr.+1 (1657 - c 1737)
 3.Stephen Belding+1 (1658 - 1720)
 4.Sarah Belding1 (1661 - )
 5.Ann Belding1 (1665 - )
 6.Ebenezer Belding1 (1667 - )
 7.John Belding+1 (1669 - 1725)

Family 2

Mary Beardsley b. 1632, d. 1690

Family 3

Mary Meekins b. s 1645

Family 4

Sarah Curtis b. 1642
Samuel Belding was also known as Belden.1 
Birth*circa 1632He was born circa 1632 at Heptonstall, West Yorkshire, EnglandG.1,3 
Baptism16 September 1632He was baptized on 16 September 1632 at Wadsworth, Heptonstall, West Yorkshire, EnglandG.4 
circa 1638He accompanied Richard Belding and Margaret Ackrenden circa 1638, eventually settling in Wethersfield. It "has not been traced, nor is it known what family he brought with him, if any, besides two sons, nor has the date of his death been found." (Some Belding Genealogy, p. 5.)5,6 
Marriage*circa 1654He married Mary _____ circa 1654.1 
1657He was admitted as a Freeman of Connecticut in 1657.7 
1661He and Mary _____ removed to Hatfield, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG, in 1661.1 
3 May 1667He was a signer of the Petition of the Residents of Hadley on the West side of the River to form their own Society on 3 May 1667 at Hadley, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG; the Petition of the Residents of Hadley on the West side of the River to form their own Society.8 
Marriage*25 June 1678He married Mary Beardsley, daughter of William Beardsley and Mary Harvey, on 25 June 1678 at Springfield, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG; (each 2nd.)1,9,10 
Marriage*say 1691He married Mary Meekins, daughter of Thomas Meekins and ____ _____, say 1691; each 3rd.1 
Marriage*10 April 1705He married Sarah Curtis, daughter of Capt. William Curtis, on 10 April 1705 at Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.11,12 
Death*3 January 1713He died on 3 January 1713 at Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.13,1 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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