Santo DiLoreto

#165, (14 April 1886 - 22 October 1923)
Father*Antonio DiLoreto (1851 - )
Mother*Agata Colaiacovo1 (1856 - )


Maria Carmina Petrella b. 1887, d. 1973
Children 1.Anthony DiLoreto (1910 - 1985)
 2.Eduardo DiLoreto (c 1912 - c 1912)
 3.Assunta1 DiLoreto (1914 - 1915)
 4.Commandino DiLoreto+ (1915 - 1972)
 5.Assunta DiLoreto+ (1918 - 2009)
 6.Lucia Anna DiLoreto+ (1920 - 2013)
 7.Santo Augustino DiLoreto (1923 - 1925)
Santo DiLoreto was also known as Sante.2 
Birth*14 April 1886He was born on 14 April 1886 at Pratola Peligna, L'Aquila, Abruzzo, ItalyG; (death cert. age gives 16 Apr 1886; draft registration gives 15 Apr 1886.)3,4 
Marriage*18 October 1906He married Maria Carmina Petrella, daughter of Michele Petrella and Liberata DiNino, on 18 October 1906 at ItalyG.3,5,6 
16 April 1910He and Maria Carmina Petrella appeared on the census of 16 April 1910 at 3522 Plum Alley, Bellaire, Belmont Co., OhioG; (nei. Michael Petrella, boarder with fam. 21.)7
between April 1910 and 1918He and Maria Carmina Petrella lived between April 1910 and 1918 at Bellaire, Belmont Co., OhioG.8 
29 June 1915He and Maria Carmina Petrella lived on 29 June 1915 at 1872 Guernsey Street, Bellaire, Belmont Co., OhioG.9 
1918He and Maria Carmina Petrella lived in 1918 at W. Goodale Street, Columbus, Franklin Co., OhioG; Sue tells that she was about 6 months old when they moved.8 
between 1918 and 1923He and Maria Carmina Petrella lived between 1918 and 1923 at 367 W. 3rd Avenue, Columbus, Franklin Co., OhioG.10 
between 1918 and 1923He and Maria Carmina Petrella lived between 1918 and 1923 at Lincoln Street, Columbus, Franklin Co., OhioG.11 
12 September 1918He registered for the military draft on 12 September 1918 at 1855 Guernsey, Bellaire, Belmont Co., OhioG.12
1923He and Maria Carmina Petrella lived in 1923.11 
October 1923He was Factory worker in October 1923 at Ohlen Saw Company, Columbus, Franklin Co., OhioG
October 1923He and Maria Carmina Petrella lived in October 1923 at 415 Conklin Avenue, Columbus, Franklin Co., OhioG.13 
Death*22 October 1923He died on 22 October 1923 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OhioG, at age 37.14
Burial*25 October 1923He was buried on 25 October 1923 at St. Joseph Cemetery, Lockbourne, Franklin Co., OhioG; estimate.


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