Elizabeth Cornelis1

#14174, (between 1622 and 1630 - circa 22 January 1707)

Family 1

Marcus Pieterszen b. bt 1622 - 1630, d. b 1659

Family 2

Gerrit Hendrickszen b. s 1624, d. b 1663

Family 3

Guert Gerrits b. bt 1620 - 1630, d. c 1697
Elizabeth Cornelis was also known as Lysbeth. 
Randolph, in "Tryntje Jacobs and Her Four Husbands" says (p. 266) "Elizabeth Cornelis apparently had children by herfirst marriage (MOM-I-244), but none by her second or third." This citation, however, is ambiguous.2 
Her married name was Pieterszen.3 
Her married name was Hendrickszen.1 
Her married name was Gerrits.1 
Birth*between 1622 and 1630She was born between 1622 and 1630.1 
Marriage*between 1643 and 1651She married Marcus Pieterszen between 1643 and 1651.3 
Marriage*2 October 1659She married Gerrit Hendrickszen on 2 October 1659 at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.3,1 
Baptism5 September 1663She sponsored the baptism of Caspar Steynmets on 5 September 1663 at New Netherland.4 
Marriage*19 October 1664She married Guert Gerrits, son of Gerrit _____ and ____ _____, on 19 October 1664 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York, New York.5,1 
Baptism10 September 1671She sponsored the baptism of Dirck Straatemaker on 10 September 1671 at New York.6 
1688She left a will in 1688 at Bergen, New Jersey.7 
Death*circa 22 January 1707She died circa 22 January 1707 at New JerseyG.1,8 
Burial*24 January 1707She was buried on 24 January 1707 at New Jersey.8 


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    Lysbet Cornells, widow of Gerrit Hendricksen van Hardenwyck, coming in is asked, whether she and her late husband had made a testament. She answers, that on the day before his death she had asked her husband, whether he did not intend to leave something to her or to his children, whereupon he said, it was not necessary, as the property of their mother [Ytie Jans] was settled on the children and if there were a surplus, she and the children should share equally. As upon the death of said Gerrlt Hendricksen's first wife Hendrlck Hendricksen Ode and Pieter van Couwenhoven have been made guardians of the children, they are now continued.

    [See Court Proceeding of 17 Oct 1659, appearance of Gerrit Hendrickszen. There is some ambiguity in the phrase "to her or to his children" possibly meaning "her children" and "his children" but this is not likely. The guardians "continued" were those appointed for Gerrit's children only. VWH]
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