Ellen Casey1

#19980, (circa 1800 - before 24 December 1897)
Relationship1st cousin 3 times removed of Estelle Rose Roche
Father*Andrew Casey1 (s 1760 - )
Mother*Catharine O'Brien1 (c 1765 - )


Daniel O'Brien b. c 1785
Children 1.Catherine O'Brien+4 (1817 - 1898)
 2.Rev. Patrick O'Brien13 (c 1821 - 1873)
 3.John O'Brien+14 (c 1822 - b 1870)
 4.Andrew O'Brien+14 (c 1824 - b 1880)
 5.Mary D O'Brien+14 (c 1826 - 1899)
 6.Daniel O'Brien Jr.14 (c 1829 - )
 7.Rev. James O'Brien14 (c 1832 - )
Ellen Casey was also known as Nellie.2 
Her married name was O'Brien.3 
Birth*circa 1800She was born circa 1800 at IrelandG; (prob. in or near Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.)1 
Marriage*circa 1816She married Daniel O'Brien circa 1816 at IrelandG.3,4 
Baptism15 March 1829She, as Helen, sponsored the baptism of her nephew Andrew Casey.5 
circa 1833She and Daniel O'Brien migrated to Potosi, Washington Co., MissouriG, from Ireland circa 1833.6 
Baptism13 October 1833She sponsored the baptism of James Mundy on 13 October 1833 at St. James's Church, Potosi, Washington Co., MissouriG.7 
Baptism25 July 1835She, as Helen, sponsored the baptism of Sarah Casey on 25 July 1835 at St. Joachim's Church, Old Mines / Cadet, Union Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG.8 
Baptism10 June 1838She sponsored the baptism of Bridget Casey on 10 June 1838 at Washington Co., MissouriG.9 
1840She and Daniel O'Brien appeared on the census of 1840 at Meneabeton (now Breton) Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG; (neis. Munday, O'Mara, Casey and O'Hanlon.)10 
1840She and Daniel O'Brien appeared on the census of 1840 at Mine-a-Breton, Mineabeton (now Breton) Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG; (neis. Bernard Munday, John H Casey, George Casey, Felix Munday.)11 
20 November 1850She and Daniel O'Brien appeared on the census of 20 November 1850 at Breton Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG; (neis. Margaret Mundy, age 50, fam. 1170; John and Mary Pierce, fam. 1155.)3 
Death*before 24 December 1897She died before 24 December 1897.12 


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