Casperus Steynmets1

#11709, (say 1615 - 1702)

Family 1

Dorothea Aestens b. s 1617, d. b 1652
Children 1.Mary Botlaar10 (s 1640 - )
 2.Caspar1 Steynmets11 (c 1650 - b 1663)

Family 2

Jannetje Gerrits b. c 1632, d. c 1670
Children 1.Johannes Steynmets12 (c 1653 - 1709)
 2.Altje Steynmets12 (c 1655 - )
 3.Gerrit Steynmets+12 (c 1656 - )
 4.Annetje Steynmets12 (c 1658 - )
 5.Christoffel Steynmets12 (c 1660 - )
 6.Caspar Steynmets12 (c 1663 - )
 7.Urselina Steynmets12 (c 1665 - )
 8.Joanna Steynmets12 (c 1667 - )
 9.Benjamin Steynmets12 (c 1670 - )

Family 3

Tryntje Jacobs b. s 1621, d. c 1677
Casperus Steynmets was also known as Steynwits.2 
Birth*say 1615He was born say 1615 at NetherlandsG; "probably at Schiedam."3 
1631He migrated to New NetherlandG in 1631.3 
Marriage*say 1638He married Dorothea Aestens say 1638 at New NetherlandG.4 
Marriage*31 March 1652He married Jannetje Gerrits, daughter of Gerrit _____ and ____ _____, on 31 March 1652 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York, New York.2 
24 February 1653He and Jannetje Gerrits were in Court on 24 February 1653 at City Hall, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.5,6 
10 March 1653He and Jannetje Gerrits were in Court on 10 March 1653 at New Netherland.7 
27 April 1662He and Mary Botlaar were in Court in re administration of property on 27 April 1662 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland.4 
Baptism26 December 1666He with his wife sponsored the baptism of Jannetje Straatemaker on 26 December 1666 at Reformed Church, Bergen (now Jersey City), New Jersey.1 
Marriage*15 March 1671He married Tryntje Jacobs on 15 March 1671 at Bergen, New Jersey.8 
Death*1702He died in 1702.9 


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    Thursday, April 27, 1662, at the City Hall present Messrs. Marten Cregier, Cornelis Steenwyek, and Pieter van Couwenhoven.
    Before the Board appeared Caspar Steimits and Joris Wolsy in relation to the administration upon some property, inherited by and belonging to Mary Botlaar, who having married and being present with her husband requests the Board to inquire for the property. Being questioned about it said Caspar shows a contract, made with Joris Wolsy and Tomas Baxter and written by Notary David Provoost October 31, 1661, by which he binds himself to pay to said Mary Botlaar, being the daughter of Dorathe Astens, his late wife, the sum of 600 fl. in six years each year 100 fl., of which he has already paid to the daughter as per account : Joris Wolsy produces a statement of what he has delivered to said Mary, which the Orphanmasters find to be as follows:
    [there follows a statement of accounts]
    Having received the accounts of Joris Wolsy and Caspar Steymits, concerning the administration of the property, inherited by Mary Botlaar, the Orphanmasters of the City of Amsterdam in N. N. have found, that Joris Wolsy still owes Mary a balance of 36 fl. 13 st., besides an account and return of three cows with information of where they are and what increase they have had from the year 1654 to date; and as to the account of Caspar Steymits it is found, that he still owes said Mary Botlaar 89 fl. 12½ st. and they are both ordered to pay their debts as soon as possible. Done etc.
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  6. [S1349] Mrs. Russel Hastings, contributor, "The Deposition of Judith Varlet", with additional material by William J Hoffman, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 71 (Apr 1940): "The following deposition [dated 19 Feb 1709/10] by Judith Varlet, the wife of Col. Nicholas Bayard, is taken from a manuscript owned by the New York Public Library, which has kindly given permission for publication.
    The diposition of Mrs Judy Varlet the wife of Coll°. Bayard, being deposed uppon the Holy Evangelist, Saith—-—
    That now about fifty nine yeares ago the said deponant came from holland to New York then called New Amsterdam, in a certaine Ship called the Fortune; she the Deponant being then about fifteen years of age ;-—-
    That at the same time in said ship likewise came over this deponants Brother Nicholas Varlet and Susanna his Wife who are both since dead;—-
    That some time in the month of December A.D. 1650, this deponant was present when the said Susanna the wife of hur depont said brother, was delivered in Child Bedd of a Son, on board of Shipp in a great storme, some few days before the Shipp arrived at or made a place called Martins Vinyard in New England, and that the mariners computed that said Shipp was within soundings of the Maine Land of said Martins Vinyard at the time of said Childs birth; That some few days after said Shipps departure from Martins Vinyard, they arrived at New York, then called New Amsterdam, where the said young born son was baptised by the dutch Minister Mr Megapolensis and named Abraham :--
    This would indicate that Judith was born about 1635. She married, 23 May 1666 in New York, Nicholas Bayard (Reformed Dutch Church NY Marriages 1639-1801, p. 32), and they had a son, Samuel, baptized 5 Sep 1669 (Reformed Dutch Church NY Baptisms 1639-1730, p. 95). The Varlet Family of Amsterdam (Cor Snabel and Elizabeth Johnson, states that Judith was actually at least twenty-one years of age at the time of the voyage, citing her baptism on 8 Nov 1629 in Stadsarchief Amsterdam: doopregister, akte 6 p 256.
  7. [S1347] Berthold Fernow, Records of New Amsterdam, I:65. "Jannetie, wife of Casper Steenmets, pltf., v/s Judickie Verleth, deft., for wages. Burgomasters and Schepens finding, that parties have made no written agreement, and having carefully listened to the statements on both sides, decide, that the services of pltf. began, when she went aboard ship at Amsterdam, that according to the confession of pltf. the passage price from Holland was to be deducted from the wages and to settle the question of goods received, Jacob van Couwenhoven and Pieter Cornelissen van der Veen are hereby authorized to balance accounts."
    [Apparently all was finally decided amicably, as Judith (or her dau., also named Judith) was a sponsor at the baptism, in 1683, of Rachel Straatmaker, dau. of Gessie Gerrits, the sister of the plaintiff Jannetje].
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